NEW Lush Jelly Mask ‘Just To Clarify’: Review

Lush cosmetics | 'just to clarify' face mask review

Lush cosmetics | 'just to clarify' face mask review

I have been reviewing Lush products on my blog for years now. Lush is definitely my ‘happy place’, and I absolutely love walking into any and every Lush store. Though I don’t get to go shopping there as often as I would like, it’s nearly impossible for me to resist browsing every time I happen to walk by one. So after my Soul Cycle class this past weekend, I decided to walk into Lush to pick up a new products to try out. What immediately caught my eye was the newest product- the jelly masks. I LOVE Lush face masks; they are my favorites (specifically the Cupcake and Cosmetic Warrior masks). They always make for the best ‘treat yourself’ gifts. Though I absolutely adore their masks, I do have a hard time justifying the price when they have a pretty short shelf life. Additionally, they have to be refrigerated, and I often forget to put them back in the fridge. So though I love the Lush face masks, I only buy them for myself a few times a year. When I saw these brand new, innovative masks at the front of the store, I was incredibly interested. Once learning that they didn’t expire quickly nor needed to be refrigerated, I was sold.

I chatted with a Lush employee for a little bit and ended up deciding to pick up the ‘Just to Clarify‘ mask. There are four total ‘Jelly’ masks. They all look gorgeous and fun in the packaging along with having the cutest names (i.e. Bunny Moon and FOMO). Because I struggle with breakouts and acne, the ‘Just to Clarify’ one seemed like the perfect fit for me. Packed full with awesome ingredients like fresh orange juice, papaya juice, bamboo extract, grapefruit oil, and charcoal, this specific mask is intended to help polish and brighten the skin. Anything that can help me get my glow on is a total win in my book. For $14 of 2.1 oz, I decided to give the mask a try. This product JUST launched, so there are currently no reviews on the Lush site. Though I have only tried the mask once so far (shortly after snapping these pics), I wanted to go ahead and give my honest review as a Lush addict:

Lush cosmetics | 'just to clarify' face mask review

Lush cosmetics | 'just to clarify' face mask review

Lush cosmetics | 'just to clarify' face mask review

After cleansing my face, I started by pinching a small amount of the Jelly mask into my fingers. It was easy to pinch off, and once I rubbed the product between my fingers, I instantly noticed a change in texture. It went from a squishy, jelly texture to a paste that was easy to apply to the face. I could feel the exfoliating beads in the product as I applied it to my dry skin. I applied it to my entire skin and it went on very easily. It dried down after a few minutes, and I left the mask on for about an hour (which is the amount of time I typically leave masks on).

  1. The Packaging: I love the packaging. Lush almost always has the cutest packaging, and I really love the clear and black jar. I think it would be very easy to travel with. It reminds me a lot of the Shower Jelly jars.
  2. The Price: At $14, this mask is definitely on the more affordable side (especially compared to Sephora masks like GlamGlow). There’s quite a lot of product in the jar, and I think it will last me about six uses. It also doesn’t expire quickly, so it can be used for several months.
  3. The Product: Though I absolutely love Lush masks, I was a bit skeptical about the Jelly Masks. Looking at them in the jar, they seemed cute and gimmicky- but not exactly effective. After removing the masks, I was actually really shocked. With a lot of masks, I don’t notice a huge difference right after removing them, but with this one, I did. When I removed the mask, my skin looks extra healthy and glowy. It looked and felt hydrated, and I could actually tell a difference. I will note that this product took a little bit to wash off because there are a lot of exfoliating beads in this product. However, I was really happy with the results. When I woke up this morning, my skin looked significantly better than the morning before (when I hadn’t yet discovered the Jelly Masks). So though I have only tried the mask once, I can tell you initially that I am very, very happy. I noticed a difference in my skin right away, and my skin looked and felt healthy, glowy, and hydrated. It also did not break out my skin and the breakouts on my chin also looked better in the morning.
  4. Etc: If you read the ingredient list, this product sounds like it would have a delicious scent. However, it doesn’t. It doesn’t smell awful (like the Cosmetic Warrior mask), but it doesn’t really smell too nice either. The scent is very, very subtle though, which is a bit of a downside for me personally because I typically prefer masks to have a strong, but pleasant scent (like the Cupcake mask). The texture is weird, but I will admit that it is very unique and innovative. It feels a lot like the shower jellies, if you have tried those out. I never personally liked the Lush shower jellies, though I do know plenty of people that do love them. I have tried tons of face masks in my life, but I have never, ever seen a mask with this exact consistency.

In conclusion:

This jelly mask really, really surprised me! I actually love it! I noticed a difference in my skin after using this mask, and it is definitely something I would recommend to my friends/family and repurchase again for myself. For the price and longevity, I think this mask is a great deal. I felt like my skin looked more healthy and radiant after using ‘Just To Clarify’, and the tiny exfoliating beads in the product left my skin looking glowy. Though the texture is a little weird, I think this is a very unique and innovative product. I wish the scent was a little stronger, but all in all, I am very, very satisfied with this mask. I liked it much more than I originally thought I would. This mask would also be a really cute gift because it does not have to be refrigerated. I would definitely pick it up again/try another one of the jelly masks in the future!


Have you ever tried any face masks from Lush? If so, which ones have you loved or hated?



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5 thoughts on “NEW Lush Jelly Mask ‘Just To Clarify’: Review

  1. Very thorough product review- much appreciated! My skin has been looking very dull as of late (lack of sleep, poor nutrition) so I am in the market for something to make my skin look vibrant. This sounds like just the item! I cannot always buy Lush products because of the costs but this one at $14 will work out ok! The color of the product is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! My skin can get very dull too! Lush is seriously the best! The color is definitely an extra bonus 😉 hehe!

  2. I have used this mask a couple of times now and can say that I actually really like it! The first time I used it, I could immediately tell a difference. My skin looked fresher and glowy. I did breakout on my cheek (that sucker didn’t leave my face for a week). I am not sure if it was because of the mask or just a co-incidence. I decided to be brave and give it another chance and haven’t really broken out so I’m guessing it wasn’t the mask. I’ve noticed that my skin feels a lot smoother and applying makeup is much easier after.

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