Lush Oxford Street


I was just a little excited about visiting Lush Oxford Street




The Comforter bath bomb in a shower cream version


Lush shampoo bars are amazing




Are these Flamingo bubble bars not totally adorable?


Lush staff helping me select a face cleanser 



My Oxford Street goodies


Lord of Misrule, HUGE bottle of H’suan Wen Hua, and Coal Face



Green magic in a bottle


Lush is my guilty pleasure. No shame. If you walk into the Lush store with me, it usually takes over an hour to drag me out. As soon as my mom and I arrived in London, I begged her to let me swing by the Lush Oxford Street just for five minutes. I was completely overwhelmed by the store and beyond excited. I will definitely be heading back next week to spend a full hour (or five) really checking out the three story oasis. My wish list from the Oxford Street location includes:

  • Lava Lamp bath bomb
  • Experimenter bath bomb
  • Supertramp bubble bar
  • Shark infested custard bath oil
  • Zen soap
  • Yuzu and cocoa shower cream
  • Comforter shower cream
  • Cup o’ coffee face mask
  • Key Lime lip balm
  • Damaged hot oil treatment
  • Waves solid shampoo

For this first visit to Lush Oxford Street, I picked up 3 products:

1.) ‘Lord of Misrule’ shower cream

I immediately went straight to the shower gels/creams and checked them all out. I was so excited when I heard they made ‘Lord of Misrule’ into a shower cream. I just had to try it out. It is very, very green in color, which is a little scary at first when you use it in the shower. Lord of Misrule has the most amazing fragrance. It is actually very hard to describe the scent, but you can definitely pick up the vanilla and pepper notes. Essentially, it’s magic in a bottle. I know I will totally be purchasing the largest size possible before I head back to the states at the end of the summer.

2.) ‘H’suan Wen Hua’ hair treatment

This wonderful product is probably my favorite hair treatment in the entire world, and that is no exaggeration. I can’t tell you how many times my sister and I have both repurchased this product (read my review for it here). The Lush Oxford Street location actually carries this amazing hair treatment in a huge size. If you purchase H’suan Wen Hua in the US, you can only get it in the 7.9 oz. size. However, in the UK, you can purchase it in a 15 oz. size! I hope they bring the larger version of H’suan Wen Hua to the US soon because it is heavenly!

3.) ‘Coal Face’ face cleanser

I love the Lush face cleansers, especially paired with my clarisonic skin cleaning brush. It’s a fantastic combo. I’ve been using Fresh Farmacy cleanser for the past few months, and I really do love it. However, my acne has been flaring up for the past 2-3 weeks, so I decided to change up my skin care routine. The friendly staff at Lush Oxford Street gave me a sample of Coal Face to take home and try. They told me it would be better for my oily, acne prone skin, so I decided to give it a try. I have really been enjoying Coal Face these past few days, and when my sample runs out, I will definitely be purchasing it! I surprisingly enjoy the fragrance of it, and it makes the skin feel very clean and clear (without over- drying).


I can not wait to check out Lush Oxford Street again this week. It’s incredible in there, and I am almost positive I will be broke by the end of the summer. If you are from the UK, let me know if you have any Lush Oxford Street recommendations! I will be sharing more pictures from my first week in London later this week! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!


(P.S. Here are the details for my outfit because I got asked about them several times on my tumblr/personal instagram)

Romper (purchased here last summer) • Sandals • Earrings  (back in stock!) • Sunglasses