The Lush Lowdown – part 2



Lush Fail #1 – Black Stocking

I was really optimistic about this product when I first purchased it. A cute heart shape bar that will make me tan? Oh yeah! However, this product ended up being more of a flop for me. Though it does have a nice scent, it’s incredibly difficult to use. When you rub it onto the skin, it is extremely shimmery, streaky, and hard to rub in evenly.

Pros: has a nice smell, similar to licorice. It also has a nice bronzy color.

Cons: Applies unevenly, and is very difficult to blend. Looks streaky on the skin.


Lush Fail #2- American Cream Conditioner

The sales associate talked me into purchasing this conditioner for my dry, coarse hair. After smelling it, I was sold. It is honestly the most delicious smelling conditioner I have ever come across. It definitely reminds me of a vanilla and strawberry milkshake. However, when it comes to how well this product works, I am less than impressed. I had to apply a very large amount to my hair for it to even work as a conditioner whatsoever. After getting of the shower, and brushing through my hair, it felt very frizzy and dry. When I looked at the ingredients I noticed it has sulfate, something I don’t usually put on my hair. The conditioner is such a light formula and I would not recommend it for thick, coarse hair.

Pros: Smells amazing- best scented conditioner I have ever used. The scent lingers throughout the day, which is something I do really like.

Cons: Very light and not moisturizing enough. You have to use a large amount for it to even work at all. I would not repurchase even though the smell is amazing.


Lush fail #3 – Shower Jelly

I originally purchased this seasonal shower jelly for my mom for Christmas. It came in a gift set. She really didn’t like it, so she ended up giving it to me. I was really excited to try it because I’ve seen the shower jellies many times in the store and have always been tempted to try them. The smell of this specific product is interesting. It’s not exactly pleasant, but it isn’t necessarily bad either. The consistency is the weirdest aspect about it though. It feels like jello. My main issue with the product though is that is kind of difficult to use. I’ve tried many different methods of using it, and nothing seems to work because it is so slippery. When I pinch a small amount and try to use it as a shower gel, it slips out of my hands. I have even tried putting a small amount on a loofa, but that didn’t work for me either. The shower jelly just wouldn’t lather at all for me, and I felt like it would just bounce off my skin. I don’t think I would repurchase another shower jelly again!

Pros: It’s a really fun, unique product that’s definitely worth trying. They’re also really fun to touch!

Cons: Didn’t really work for me. I don’t feel like it really cleaned or lathered. Instead, it would slip onto the floor or bounce right off.


Lush Skin Care

I’ve always been a drugstore skin care fanatic, trying every cheap face wash and moisturizer on the market. All have worked, but none have really been a ‘holy grail’ for me. When I was in Lush back in the the winter, I was given a sample of a skin care product to try- Coal Face. I was a little freaked out by this black rock I was suppose to rub on my face, but I decided to give it a try. After a few weeks, I noticed great results. I also liked that the Lush product didn’t irritate my sensitive, acne-prone skin. I decided it was time to switch from the harsh drugstore products I had used for year to something more gentle and organic for my skin. What I noticed is that Lush is really not much more expensive than your typical drugstore products. I went into Lush recently to pick up some skin care products, and I have been loving them. Here is a review on my Lush skincare routine:



Step 1- Fresh Farmacy Cleanser

In the past, I have only ever used liquid cleansers in a bottle. It has been an adjustment to switch to a cleansing bar, but I really, really love this one. My sister, who also has the same skin type as me, has been using this product for months now. She recommended it for me, so I decided to choose this specific cleanser. It is light pink in color and has a nice scent. It is made with calamine, elderflower, and lavender oil, so it’s incredibly soothing on the most sensitive skin. To apply it, I hold the bar under warm water and then rub it between my hands. I put the bar back in a small dish by the sink and then rub my hands on my skin to apply the product. Then, I use my Clarisonic skin cleaning brush to help the product really clean my skin. One of my favorite things about this product is that my skin feels incredibly clean after using it. I think it’s really awesome that you can actually choose the amount you want to pay for each bar depending on the size. I decided to buy $10 worth, which is a pretty decent amount. When I got home, I cut the bar into 9 different pieces. I know my sliced up bar of Fresh Farmacy will last me a long time, and when I do run out, I will definitely, definitely repurchase.



Step 2- Tea Tree Water Toner

Before purchasing this product, I had never used a skin toner before. After hearing tons of raves and recommendations about the Lush Tea Tree Water, I decided to give it at a try. It doesn’t have much of a fragrance in my opinion, but it feels very refreshing on the skin. The ingredients in this product include tea tree water, grapefruit water, and juniper water, so it is awesome for oily and acne prone skin. To use this product, I spritz the toner onto a cotton ball after cleansing my skin, and then I rub it to my skin, concentrating on the t-zone. The Tea Tree Water feels really light and soothing on the skin. Within just a few days, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. I would recommend this product for anybody looking for a great toner that really helps with breakouts and oil!


Step 3- Imperialis Moisturizer

This moisturizer is a life saver. It is a balancing moisturizer for combination skin. It’s super soothing because it includes lavender flower, shea butter, olive oil, elderflower, and tons of awesome ingredients! It has really helped the oil production of my skin without making my skin necessarily dry either. I use it twice a day right after using my toner. The Imperialis moisturizer leaves my angry, sensitive skin feeling soft and healthy. Plus, it does’t break my skin out at all, which is awesome! It’s a little more on the pricey side in comparison to the cleanser and toner, but it is well worth the money. The only thing I don’t love about it is the packaging- I would prefer the moisturizer to be in a pump bottle. When I run out, I will definitely be purchasing some more.


Thank you so much for checking out my two part Lush series! Have a great day!