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Hello & happy Tuesday! This past weekend in Texas, I begged my mom to take me to Lush. Lush is totally my guilty pleasure, and I could spend hours in there. There are always new products, and it’s always so fun to try out different things and discover new favorites. I wanted to share my mini haul from this weekend’s Lush shopping trip & my reviews on each product so far:

lush haul & review

S U G A R   P L UM   F A I R Y   L I P   S C R U B

If you have never purchased anything from Lush before, but aren’t necessarily a huge bath person, the Lush lip scrubs are a must-try. They are honestly amazing and do such a fantastic job of exfoliating the lips (mine get really, really dry this time of year). They are an especially great essential to have if you love to wear matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. I recently finished a jar of Lush lip scrub, which lasted me well over a year. When I saw this new ‘flavor’, I had to pick it up. It smells absolutely amazing, and is a little similar to a bubblegum scent. If you don’t love bubblegum/sweet scents, I would definitely recommend the mint lip scrub. Being that this is my second Lush lip scrub, I can definitely say that I will continue to repurchase this product in the future.

F I R E S I D E   S O A P

If I had to choose one favorite out of my four new products, this one would totally be my top choice. I have loved the Lush soaps for years, and recently, I’ve been branching out & testing out new scents. This scent is brand new, and I have to admit, I love it. It has a very smokey scent to it with slight citrus undertones. It’s featured ingredient is clove bud oil, but the vanilla notes keep it balanced. Fireside soap makes me feel like I am at a campfire, in the best way (you know, without all the bugs and sleeping in a tent). The Fireside soap feels very ‘fall’ to me, and I especially love using it before bed. The soap also lathers really well, which is a plus in my book. It’s a really unique scent, and I would definitely repurchase this product when I run out.

p.s. As weird as this sounds, I actually slept with this soap next to me in bed the first day I purchased it. I love the scent that much, and I totally wish it came in a candle version! Crossing my fingers, Lush.

S N O W   F  A I  R Y   S H O W E R   G E L

Snow Fairy is a Lush product that has something of a cult following. It’s definitely one of those scents that you either love, love, love or HATE. I definitely loovvee this scent, and I stock up on it every fall/winter. It’s a very sweet scent that is the perfect combination of bubble gum and vanilla. The fragrance also reminds me a little bit of cotton candy. When I initially discovered this scent about two years ago, I hated it. But after giving in and purchasing it, I fell in love. If you hate really sweet fragrances, you may want to pass on this product, but it has been one of my personal faves for the past year.

S L E E P Y   H A N D   &   B O D Y   L O T I O N

At Lush this weekend, I discovered this new lotion. I love anything lavender (and anything that will help me sleep), so I decided to try it out. Like all Lush lotions, it’s very moisturizing and infused with great ingredients. I love both the formula and the packaging of this product. As for the scent, I honestly enjoy it more than I expected. It’s not completely straight lavender as it does have notes of tonka as well. The lavender + tonka combo creates a really unique, soothing lavender fragrance that is perfect for applying before bed. If you have tried the Twilight Bath Bomb, you will love this hand & body lotion. It really helps me wind down after a long day, and it’s a very relaxing fragrance. I think this is a scent a lot of people would really enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul & review. I am really excited about these new products & I have been loving them this week. Let me know if you have tried any new Lush product lately- I’d love to hear your newest faves.



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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback, Katie! Lush can totally be overwhelming. I remember being completely overwhelmed when I first starting getting into Lush!

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