What I’ve Been Eyeing Lately

Hello, hello & happy Tuesday. I definitely just had to take a quick double look at my calendar because it seemed like a Monday for a hot second. This week is an exciting week because my sister is coming to visit me in California at the end of the week. I am so glad that I finally get to see her, and I can’t to hear all about her adventure in Thailand and Cambodia! I haven’t seen her in almost four weeks, so it will be really nice to finally catch up & show her around my new home.

When I am not at work or out with friends, I love to online shop. You probably already know that, and if you don’t: Hi, I am Mackenzie, and I have a serious online shopping problem. Browsing the internet is fun, and I really enjoy finding new pieces to add to my ‘wish list’. I also get asked on tumblr pretty frequently about pieces I am eyeing. Here are some great summer things I have spotted over the past week or so, and I wanted to share them with y’all!

what I've been eyeing lately // www.mackenziekendall.comoff shoulder bikini // tassel earrings (under $35) // tropical charms // grapefruit tote // lace up sandals // yellow sundress (under $100) // white lace romper // glam choker

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!


Mackenzie Kendall