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TOP apron top (on sale & only $30. Comes in two other colors!) | SKIRT ruffle-wrap floral skirt (on sale & still available in sizes 00-14!)| SCARF bandana (sold out- linked another one I love) | BAG brown Chloe purse | SANDALS nude lace up sandals (old- linked similar)

Hello & happy Tuesday! I have had all of my days mixed up lately. This morning my dad asked me on the drive to work (because yes I am #uberdaughter), “What day this week are you driving down to the city?”. “Tuesday“. “Today is Tuesday.” Gotta love three day weekends, friends. Even if your days are a little mixed up, I hope you had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

One thing I am definitely going to miss about college is studying abroad. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to study abroad twice, and I am living vicariously through my younger friends that are heading off abroad this summer. My college besties have been snapping me pics of their outfits that they are bringing for their upcoming trips, and I have been daydreaming big time. I wore this outfit the other day back in Texas (I am going to miss having my mom’s closet to dig through now that I am in California), and I instantly felt like a chic, Parisian lady. For me, it’s definitely the striped neck scarf that gives this look a splash of ‘summer in France’. Now that I have graduated college, I have been trying to find the balance between not dressing like a total college student (which there is nothing wrong with- I totally miss my XXL sorority tshirts and pajamas in public TBH), but not dressing too much older than my age. I think this look definitely makes me feel a little grown up without having too much of an identity crisis. It’s a nice in-between, especially for dinner outings with the fam.

Lately, I have been obsessed with Madewell. As a graduation gift, I got a black Madewell transport tote for work, and I am so excited to use it next week! I love flipping through the Madewell site. It definitely reminds me a lot of J.Crew, but with a little bit more of a laid back, dare-I-say hipster vibe. I am usually one to reach for bold, bright, and big floral prints, but I actually love the dainty, feminine flowers on this skirt. This skirt is also the perfect length- making it perfect for any age, any height, and any size. I paired it with a Madewell top to show just the right amount of skin. For neutral details, I added a brown Chloe purse and neutral lace up sandals. As a finishing touch, I threw on an amazing J.Crew bandana around my next. I purchased the bandana to match my striped set (button down/midi skirt), but found that it was a little overwhelming with the two other striped pieces. Lately I have been really into mixing prints, and I think the faded red stripes of the scarf pair beautifully with the subtle floral skirt. This specific bandana is sold out, but I have linked a few other options below! If you are looking to hop on the scarf/bandana boat this season, here is another chic way to incorporate the trend:

Tying a bandana/scarf to your purse is a great way to really add something a little fun to any outfit. It also allows you to switch it up everyday and add another print or pop of color to your look. I am definitely excited to play around with the bandana trend a little more this season, especially as a way to spice up work attire!



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