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Hello, hello! If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love makeup. I’ve been obsessed since I was in about 6th or 7th grade, and I find playing with makeup just so fun! I get asked all the time about my makeup in my snapchats, so I thought I would share with y’all in detail my current makeup routine. It’s really hard for me to make a set ‘everyday day makeup routine‘ because honestly, I don’t always do the same identical makeup look every single day. It really just depends what I am feeling and how much time I have. For class, I usually just fill in my brows, swipe on a little shimmer brick and concealer, and go. If I go out with friends on the weekend, I will do a heavier eye makeup look with falsies or I’ll opt for a darker, bolder lip. If I have an interview, I usually swap out my favorite bold, pink lipgloss for something a little more subdued and neutral. However, this is my typical daily makeup routine when I am at home in Texas or when I just want to look more polished.

So without further ado, here are the makeup products I gravitate towards on a daily basis. You can click on each item in the picture to take you straight to the product!

1. Primer | 2. Foundation | 3. Concealer | 4. Cream highlighter | 5. Powder highlighter | 6. Blush | 7. Shimmer brick | 8. Matte bronzer | 9. Brow pencil | 10. Eyeshadow base | 11. Eyeshadow | 12. Eyeliner | 13. Mascara | 14. Lipgloss | 15. Powder

I have listed a step by step tutorial below of how I use & apply each of these products:

1. Primer

I first heard about primers about five years ago, and since then, I have been hooked. Do I think they are 100% necessary? Maybe not. If you are just getting started with makeup, I don’t think this needs to be the very first thing that you run out and buy. However, I do notice primers help my foundation apply so much smoother and really help things last on my face all day. I personally think Smashbox makes the best primers with a very large variety to choose from. I personally use the ‘Blemish Control‘ one, and I have definitely noticed a difference with the amount of breakouts I get each month.

2. Foundation

I typically apply my foundation first when I am doing my makeup. However, if I am doing a heavy eye makeup look (or using glitter whatsoever), I will apply my foundation after my eye makeup. However, because I don’t use glitter or heavy colors on a daily basis, I typically apply my foundation first. It’s really important to create a very even, beautiful base for the rest of your makeup, so foundation is something you may want to definitely splurge on. My favorite foundation is the Too Faced ‘Born This Way’. My sister and I both use it, and we both have blemish prone, oily skin. I find this foundation to give a really beautiful look that verges on the side of dewy. It does not break me out or oxidize. The Born This Way foundation definitely works for a variety of skin types, so don’t be nervous if you have oily skin. I wear the shade ‘warm beige‘ or ‘warm nude‘ depending on my skin tone that week. Too Faced has a really nice shade range as well, which is great. I always apply it with a damp Beauty Blender sponge to my entire face, and down my neck a little. I will always continue to repurchase this foundation.

3. Concealer

I typically don’t use much concealer after applying foundation. Because concealer is heavier than foundation, I’ve always been told to apply it after foundation to avoid applying too much. It’s taken me quite a while to find a ‘holy grail’ concealer, but this one from NYX has completely won me over. I’m constantly recommending it to all my friends. It’s is so high coverage, but not cakey whatsoever. Plus, the price is hard to beat. I have this concealer in two shades- ‘2’ and ‘4’. I use 4 to cover up any redness or small, uneven areas, and I use 2 to apply under my eyes. Definitely try using a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone for your under eyes. It really brightens up your entire face. I apply it directly to the skin & then blend it all with the beauty blender. If I am breaking out, I typically opt for my CoverFx concealer or my Bobbi Brown concealer duo.

4. Cream highlighter

I notice an instant difference in my complexion after applying a cream highlighter. It brightens everything up and adds some major glow. Benefit Watts Up has been a long time favorite of mine, and I absolutely love the formula and color. If you aren’t quite ready to splurge, Sonia Kashuk has a similar dupe that I also own & love. The shade ‘Shimmering Sand’ is a pretty spot-on alternative. Definitely check it out next time you are at Target!

5. Powder highlighter

Okay, okay. This step is totally not necessary, but I personally love to apply both a cream and a powder highlighter to get the most glow as possible. I’ve been all about the strobing trend lately. I find that setting the cream highlighter with a powder one really helps my highlight last all day. This one from The Balm is just brilliant. It’s on the more affordable side and gives you the most intense highlight ever. I also love MAC ‘Soft and Gentle’ as another alternative. In general, I apply highlighter with a MAC 244 brush. You can also use a fan brush. I like using a smaller brush because if I use a larger brush, I can get highlighter too close to the center of my face (which emphasizes pores). I only apply highlighter to the tops of my cheeks, but you can definitely apply it at the cupid’s bow and down the bridge of the nose if you would like!

6. Blush

My favorite blush this time of year is definitely ‘Crush’ by Urban Decay. It looks terrifying in the pan, but it looks beautiful on the skin when applied with a light hand. I always use a large, fluffy brush to apply blush. The UD blushes are so amazing, and there’s definitely a shade for everyone. My other favorite blush would definitely have to be ‘Exhibit A’ by NARS – which is a crazy, bright red. It gives my skin a slightly sunburnt look, which is a look I really love in the spring/summer time. If you are stuck on choosing a blush, you can’t go wrong with NARS ‘Orgasm’. It has a cult following for a reason, and it is very, very flattering on a multitude of skin tones. I use that one as well on occasion, and it really is beautiful.

7. Shimmer brick

For years, I have had my eyes on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, but I was always hesitant to make the splurge. My sister gave me this product for Christmas in the shade ‘Rose‘, and I am in love. This is the kind of product I swipe on the go if I am heading to class, but don’t have the time to apply highlighter and blush and a million other products. It’s kind of a blush and highlighter in one, and it can definitely be layered. It adds a beautiful, healthy sheen on the skin. It’s also very versatile, and can be used as an eyeshadow as well!

8. Matte bronzer

If you asked me how many ‘Hoola’ bronzers I have purchased in my life, I don’t think I could give you an exact number. It is the bronzer that I always, always go back to. It’s matte, so it can be used to contour and/or create the illusion of a natural tan. Hoola really suits a variety of skin tons, and I use it year round. A lot of people on Tumblr ask if I contour, and the truth is, I only really contour my nose with an angled eyeshadow brush. I mostly use this product to warm up my skin because my face tends to be a little lighter than my body. The packaging for this bronzer is beyond cute, just like all Benefit products. The packaging is also very practical because it never shatters or breaks when I am on the go (like other bronzers I have owned in the past). If you are looking for the perfect bronzer, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by Hoola.

9. Brow pencil

Anastasia Beverley Hills is definitely the brand to get when picking out the perfect brow product for you. I honestly think she creates the best brow products on the entire market. I am a huge fan of the Brow Wiz and the Brow Definer (you can see my review and comparison on both here). I have naturally sparse brows, so for me, a brow pencil is a must. I fill in my brows by drawing very small, upward strokes in the direction that my hair grows. I fill in the natural shape of my eyebrow and fill up any sparse areas.

10. Eyeshadow base

Before I go into detail about my favorite eyeshadow base, I do want to mention I am a huge fan of eyeshadow primers like Urban Decay Primer Potion. I tend to use those if I am doing a heavier eye makeup look. However, I think I actually prefer my eyeshadow base for everyday use. The MAC paint pot in the shade ‘Layin Low‘ is my favorite, and it has lasted me months and months. It’s a nice warm, beige that is very creamy. I wear it both on its own and as a base for other eyeshadows. It really prevents my eyeshadows from creasing and makes eyeshadows show up much better. Two drugstore alternatives to the MAC paint pots would definitely be the Maybelline Color Tattoos and the NYX jumbo pencils. They are both absolutely incredible and very affordable.

11. Eyeshadow

I absolutely love eyeshadows, and they are definitely my favorite makeup products to purchase. As for brands, I love Too Faced and Urban Decay. For some reason, eyeshadow takes me a while to apply (and my roomies always laugh at me for this). So on a daily basis, I typically only apply the Urban Decay single eyeshadow in ‘Foxy‘. It a perfect all of the lid color and brow bone color. If I want a little more definition, I will apply a tiny bit of my Hoola bronzer in the crease. If I want to do a more fun eye makeup look, I reach for my Urban Decay ‘Moondust shadows’. I now own four of them, and they are just so incredibly unique. I would highly recommend checking out ‘Zodiac‘ and ‘Solstice‘ if you can get your hands on them. I also love my Urban Decay Naked palette, and I’ve actually been through two of them now. It’s the perfect palette for both day and night.

12. Eyeliner

I’ve tried so many times to get into pencil eyeliner, but I am just not a fan. Liquid eyeliner is my absolute favorite, and I am always happy with the end result. I’ve been loving the Kat Von D ‘Trooper’ liner for the past few months, and it makes applying liquid liner so much easier. I get asked all the time about applying liquid eyeliner, and the best advice I can give is that it does just require lots and lots of practice. But before long, you’ll totally be a pro. A drugstore favorite of mine is the Wet n’ Wild Megaliner.

13. Mascara

A friend recommended the Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara to me, and ever since, I have been hooked. It really does a fantastic job of boosting my naturally short and straight lashes with no clumps. If I have a special occasion or I am shooting pictures, I will typically apply some false lashes in addition. My favorite brand for false lashes is definitely Ardell, which you can find at any drugstore.

14. Lipgloss

When I am on the go, lipgloss is always my lip product of choice. If I have a special event or I am going out with friends, I will take the time to apply lip liner and lipstick. But on a daily basis, lipgloss is the easiest and quickest option for me that makes touchups very easy as well. I am a huge fan of the Urban Decay lip glosses. I absolutely love the formula, and I love that they have no scent. My favorite shade is ‘Scandal’, which is a very bold, cool toned pink. I find that it looks great when I am both tan and pale. My other favorite shade would have to be ‘Liar’, which is definitely a more wearable neutral. Urban Decay just released a few new shades for spring, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. For lip products in general, I love MAC ‘Rebel’, NYX ‘Spicecake’, YSL ‘Opera Rose’, Too Faced ‘Melted Peony’, Urban Decay ‘Rush’, Too Faced ‘Naughty Nude’, and Too Faced ‘Juicy Melons’. For lip liners, I really like NYX.

15. Powder

Back in middle school and high school, I struggled with horribly oily skin and I would cake on the powder. However, over the past years, the oil has definitely gotten under control. I typically only apply my MAC powder to set my t-zone. For touchups, I love MAC blot powder. I would highly recommend it for any oily gals. If I have a special event or I am going out, I will usually use my Make Up For Ever HD powder or my NYX powder. Both are great and a little bit more ‘heavy duty’ for more full-coverage looks that I want to last for hours. To set it all, I love to apply Urban Decay setting spray. If you have drier skin, try out MAC Fix+.

I hope y’all could find this post helpful!


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