Mini Apartment Decor Haul

Hello & happy Saturday!!

It’s officially my last weekend in Texas. I have been beyond busy the past few days, scrambling around for the big move. For my first three years of college, I lived on campus- no personal furniture required. This past summer and school year, I rented my furniture for both apartments. However, now that I am officially moving to my first semi-permanent apartment, I will be purchasing my own furniture. I never imagined it would be this stressful (or expensive/time-consuming). I can’t deny that it’s definitely been fun though- I love decor shopping! The packing process has been wild, but I definitely feel like things are starting to come together. I’ve officially ordered all my actual furniture (i.e. bed, couch, coffee table, etc.), and it will be in California by the time I get there next week! Today I wanted to share a few little things I’ve picked up recently for my apartment along with other pieces I have collected over the past year or so. Of course there are so many more things I have to share with you guys over the next few weeks, but I wanted to show some of my personal faves that will be making their way into my new place:

ONE long pillow for bed | TWO gold pen holder | THREE geo coaster | FOUR pillow for couch | FIVE blanket for couch | SIX surf shack book | SEVEN pure colour book (was on my wish-list for weeks) | EIGHT san francisco book | NINE wooden llama

As for the actual decor, I would say most of my pieces are from Anthropologie and Target. They are definitely my two favorite places to find apartment/home decorations. No doubt. I like to kind of collect a mix of affordable and splurge pieces to curate a unique, yet cohesive, look. I haven’t mentioned this on my blog yet, but I actually have a roomie of sorts this time around in California! My dad took a job in Northern California not too long ago, so we decided to get a two bedroom apartment in Silicon Valley (and, yes, we are splitting rent/bills for those that are curious). Because I am living with my dad, I have been trying not to make our shared area too, too girly. Luckily he’s not too particular, so it will be fun to surprise him with some of the fun things I have picked out! However, I am really excited that I am living with my fam for my first year in California. Though I am a really independent person, it will definitely make the transition comfortable (and splitting rent will help my bank account too bc rent is crazy expensive in the SF area). Not to get too sappy, but a year ago, I never imagined things would be falling into place the way they are. The whole living situation/job hunt thing is an overall looming topic for any college senior, so I feel really grateful that things have panned out.

For my 22nd birthday, I asked for a large area rug for the living room, and I am so pumped about its arrival this week. A rug is kind of a random birthday gift, but I know it is something that I will really love throughout the next few years. The rug I picked is really fun and printed, which made finding pillows for the couch and living area chairs a little difficult. I wanted the room to feel balanced, so when I found some amazing Anthro pillows (linked above and below) that had splashes of pattern, I was pumped! Sometimes more is more when it comes to print. I was also able to pick up the matching blanket on sale. I swear Anthropologie really makes the most beautiful home pieces on the entire planet. I am going to use my sister’s old bedding/pillows for my new apartment bedroom, so ily Allie. I was orginally planning on using the things from my past two bedrooms, but I decided to switch things up since my sister is not using her Sophomore year bedding for her Junior year of college. I always recommend purchasing simple white bedding and switching things up with new pillows each year! It’s a great way to save some $ without getting bored! When it comes to pillows, you can definitely create a combination of affordable and splurge pieces to get a great mix. I personally love tons of pillows- they give such a homey feel to any couch or bed. If you are ever torn on pillow combinations, totally head to Pinterest to discover some inspo. This is kind of embarrassing to say, but I spent part of this past week’s pay on books (I work as a freelance photographer). Yes, books. I am a sucker for coffee table books. I am really not quite sure what it is about them, but they just really add a dash of personality to any room. I personally love seeing/reading coffee table books when I visit friend’s places. It makes me happy. At Antropologie last night, I picked up a few coffee table books to add to my growing collection. I purchased “Beach House“, “Pure Colour“, and “Eat Beautiful“. All three of those books sat in my online cart for weeks, but when I saw them in the store yesterday, I decided to give in. My dad picked up a few more books this afternoon from a local thrift store, so I am really excited to see what we put together. I think coffee table books also make the coolest gifts- for friends, family, grads, and even yourself. “Pure Colour” was especially one I had been dying to pick up for weeks. I am SO glad I finally decided to make the splurge because it’s such a beautiful book. I feel inspired every time I flip through the pages. I love books that inspire me and spark my creativity. Books are one of those things you can cherish for years & pass along to others! With digital reads taking over, it is really nice and refreshing to have a book that is both visible and tangible.

TEN clear knob | ELEVEN eat beautiful book | TWELVE turtle pillow | THIRTEEN gold knob

In addition, I found the coolest knobs on sale at Anthropologie this past evening (yes- I have been to Anthropologie twice three times in the past 24 hours. No shame). I purchased an affordable white dresser earlier this week, and I was dying to find some pretty knobs to really add a little flare. Anthropologie seriously has the coolest knobs ever- and I am so glad I was able to find a few that really matched the metallic touches of my other bedroom pieces.

Apologizes if this post is a bit random- but I have been browsing/shopping/planning nonstop, and I can’t wait to share my actual apartment with y’all very soon! I will be sharing some packing tips in the next few days as I prepare to somehow fit everything in my tiny car, cross country. Nonetheless, I am SO excited for the next few weeks. I am soaking in every moment of these last few days in Texas with my extended family and high school besties.

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6 thoughts on “Mini Apartment Decor Haul

    1. Aww thanks! My dad actually picked out the llamas funny enough- he sent me a photo, and I was like YES. I am a sucker for cute little animal decor pieces 🙂 hehe!

    1. Mostly overstock- some local! I will be linking the pieces when I finish moving in & getting things set up (post should be sometime in the next two weeks!).

  1. Hey! This is totally random but I remember you did a St. ropes self tanner review last year or the year before–are you using any self tanners now you like?? Also, can’t wait to see your apartment!!

    1. Hey girl! Totally not random! I posted that review two summers ago! I have actually been planning to make an updated-review post- touching on my final/current thoughts on products I have reviewed over the years. Though I did love that St. Tropez in-shower self tanner, it was actually never a product I repurchased. I used up the entire bottle, don’t get me wrong, but I just never went out and repurchased it. I have been using the same three self tanners for the past two years- and I have continued to repurchase them over and over. My three favorites are the Jergens Firming Self Tanner, the Loreal Sublime self tanner, and the Tan Towels (which can be found at Ulta). I LOVE all three!!

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