Fall Polish Pairings


Metallic Silver + Shimmering Burgundy (Apres-chic | After Sex)

Beige + Dark Navy (Sand Tropez | After School Boy Blazer)

Orange + Bronze (Fear or Desire | Leggy Legend)

Gold + Orange/Red (Golden Nuggets | Geranium)

Plum + Iridescent Khaki (In the Lobby | Armed and Ready)

Let me know what your favorite fall combos have been this season! Check back on the blog tomorrow for my October favorites. Hope you all are having a fabulous week!



4 thoughts on “Fall Polish Pairings

    1. Dark navy use to totally be out of my comfort zone, but lately I’ve been really into dark nails! Essie is totally my favorite nail polish brand (I am a sucker for the cute packaging).

    1. I will definitely try out beige & maroon next! Okay, I’m totally picking up Eternal Optimist next time I head to the drugstore! Thank you for the suggestion, Courtney.

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