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Hello friends & happy Sunday! I apologize that I am just now getting this post up; I have been crazy, crazy busy these past few weeks with my new job & catching up with friends. Living in Silicon Valley for the 3rd time now has been a complete dream so far. I can not begin to even describe how at home I feel here in California, and I can’t even put into words how exciting it feels to be back. Last summer, I shared my summer apartment tour, but it wasn’t too thorough because I rented my furniture and was very limited on the things that I could bring. I had so much fun decorating my apartment this time around now that this place is a little more permanent than both my summer apartment and my college apartment. My dad and I moved in about a month ago, and June has been just flying by. Getting settled in and unpacked was definitely a process in itself, but it feels so good to have everything 100% done. Today I wanted to share my new apartment with you guys! I am really happy with the way it turned out, and it feels SO homey. I have linked everything below each picture along with little details about each section!

Without further ado, hello MTV & welcome to my crib:

white dresser // white mirror (from HomeGoods linked similar online option)

I absolutely love this part of my room. Finding a great dresser was definitely a little challenging, especially because my room isn’t very big. I wanted something crisp and white to really brighten up the room. Because I don’t have a lot of closet space, I wanted a six drawer dresser so that I could really hold a lot of things (like workout clothes, pajamas, etc.). This one definitely holds more than I expected, and I am very happy with it. I really love the white mirror as well- it is very cohesive! I purchased it from HomeGoods!

blue & white vase (from HomeGoods- linked similar, online option)

I absolutely love this blue and white vase. It is simple, but adds a really nice touch. It reminds me a little of Greece. The dresser felt a little empty for a while, and I having a medium sized decor piece can really help fill some of that space! My mom gave it to me as a gift, and I think it is gorgeous.


I never buy expensive sunglasses (mostly because I lose them too frequently). Every summer, I purchase a new, affordable pair, knowing that they most likely won’t survive until September. I picked up these babies a few weeks ago at the Nordstrom in Palo Alto, and I really love them!

jewelry organizer 

I get asked all the time about how I store my jewelry! I have had this little swivel jewelry organizer for as long as I can remember. I truly do not own a whole lot of jewelry, but I do love the pieces I have and this organizer holds all of my collection! I typically organize things by colors/metals. I also really like having a clear jewelry container- it really allows you to see what you have when putting together a outfit.

armadillo lamp (old- from target. Linked another option!)

My sister is going to flip out when she sees this post because this is actually her lamp from her college dorm (recycling). When I visited her at Wake Forest last year, I fell in love with her cute armadillo lamp. I found it in the garage during my packing process in Texas, so I snagged it. Sorry Allie (*inserts angel/halo emoji). Though this Target lamp is not available any more, Target has tons of other, adorable lamps out currently!

This beautiful piece was given to me by one of my college besties as a graduation gift. I absolutely love it, and it matches perfectly with my room! It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

I am a big believer that gorgeous, unique knobs can really make any dresser instantly look chic. This dresser originally came with very boring, neutral knobs. I found these beautiful metallic ones at Anthropologie, and I think they give a really cool look to my solid, simple dresser. I would highly recommend picking up some interesting knobs if you want to spice up your furniture pieces a bit!

clear knob

gold/silver knob (on sale)

clothing rack

I knew that I wanted a clothing rack in my new apartment; no indecisiveness about this one. One of my college besties had one in her college room, and I always thought it was the coolest thing ever. I personally like having a clothing rack because it makes getting ready for work so much quicker. Every weekend, I will select a few pieces that I am feeling and keep them on my rack. When I get ready in the mornings, I just grab an outfit off the rack & go. Digging through a huge closet of things can definitely be overwhelming. I like having a few cohesive options to choose from in the morning- especially when I am in a rush to catch the train. I also like having a clothing rack because it can also double as a drying rack! I prefer to air dry the majority of my pieces, so having a huge drying rack on hand is awesome! Clothing racks can also be an awesome option if you have a smaller closet.

side table (from Marshalls- linked similar, online option) // lamp

I really like a bit of symmetry in the home. I have two side tables on each side of my bed, both with matching lamps. I really like how these side tables have a rustric edge to them. They also coordinate with my white & metallic theme. I am also in love with the matching lamps. We have the full size version in our living room!

gold longhorn

This wall piece is actually fairly new! I knew that I wanted something above my bed because that space felt very empty and blank, so I spent weeks searching around for the perfect piece (because my parents wouldn’t let me hang my real bull skull above my bed- they think it’s creepy lol). I really love this specific metallic longhorn. It’s super modern and sleek! I like that it feels a little grown up, but it still gives a very cool, on-trend edge.

nail button tufted bed

I have been getting tons and tons of questions about my head board. The ‘head board’ actually came with my entire bed. Choosing a bed frame was a bit of a looming task for me especially because I had always just had free beds in the dorms/sorority house. There were so many options and so many were crazy, crazy expensive (and out of my budget). I chose this one because I loved the white details and the subtle studs. I also love that it is tufted.

end throw blanket

All of my bedding is from my sister’s old room! She used these pieces in her college dorm last year, and we swap bedding pretty much every single year to switch things up. When it comes to bedding, I would highly suggest investing in a solid, white comforter/quilt, sheets, and pillows. You can switch things up with new pillows if you are craving a change!

large floor length mirror

I have ALWAYS wanted a large gold mirror. This was definitely #1 on my room decor wish-list. I actually used some of my graduation money from my grandparents to buy this one, and I know it is a piece I will use for years and years to come. I absolutely love the size and shape of this mirror. The gold frame really adds a touch of glam to the room, and it is a wonderful statement piece. I post daily ootd mirror pics on my tumblr here if you ever want to check out what I wear every single day to work/on weekends!

shag pillow (similar, cheaper option here) // long tassel pillow

This beautiful long pillow is one of my sister’s old pieces. It is still available, and I think it has such a gorgeous color palette. I love all of the details and embroidery. I am usually one to go for bright hues and bold pastels, but I surprisingly love the rustic tones of the pillow and throw blanket. I also think it’s something that I will not get bored of easily (in comparison to the wild bedding I had my freshman year of college back in the day).

side table (from Marshalls- linked similar, online option) // lamp // candle

candle (my fave candle scent ever- I have repurchased 10+ times)

DGD cd // ban.do planner

long pillow

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun making it! Let me know if you would like a living room decor post in the near future!




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