Fall Haul 2017

fall haul | www.mackenziekendall.com

Hello & happy Wednesday! This week has been creeping by pretty slowly, and I am SO ready for the weekend to be here. Apologies that I have been a little behind on my normal posting schedule, but I will be back to posting every Monday very soon! Today’s post is a little bit of a random one, but I wanted to share some of my recent purchases from the past few weeks/months. I have picked up a few new pieces that I have been loving, so I wanted to share them with you today along with some pics of how I have styled a few of them so far!

So without further ado, let’s get into the 2017 fall haul:

ONE. black ruffle crop top (I got a size xs. Runs true to size – doesn’t show too much stomach) | TWO.  black off shoulder crop top (On sale – got size xs) | THREE. stripe sweater (Purchased size xs/s. Runs a little oversized + comes in two other color options) | FOUR. pink cardigan (Runs large. Got a size xs) | FIVE. blue bell sleeve sweater (Runs true to size + under $40. Got size xs + comes in two other awesome colors) | SIX. comet dress (Got in a size small) | SEVEN. olive skinny jeans (Run true to size + under $100) | EIGHT. high waisted skinny jeans (Run true to size + under $100) | NINE. metallic belt (On sale!)

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NEW Lush Jelly Mask ‘Just To Clarify’: Review

Lush cosmetics | 'just to clarify' face mask review

Lush cosmetics | 'just to clarify' face mask review

I have been reviewing Lush products on my blog for years now. Lush is definitely my ‘happy place’, and I absolutely love walking into any and every Lush store. Though I don’t get to go shopping there as often as I would like, it’s nearly impossible for me to resist browsing every time I happen to walk by one. So after my Soul Cycle class this past weekend, I decided to walk into Lush to pick up a new products to try out. What immediately caught my eye was the newest product- the jelly masks. I LOVE Lush face masks; they are my favorites (specifically the Cupcake and Cosmetic Warrior masks). They always make for the best ‘treat yourself’ gifts. Though I absolutely adore their masks, I do have a hard time justifying the price when they have a pretty short shelf life. Additionally, they have to be refrigerated, and I often forget to put them back in the fridge. So though I love the Lush face masks, I only buy them for myself a few times a year. When I saw these brand new, innovative masks at the front of the store, I was incredibly interested. Once learning that they didn’t expire quickly nor needed to be refrigerated, I was sold.

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September Wish-List

Hello & happy Friday. The three-day weekend is almost here! So typically I like to share my ‘monthly favorites’ as the month comes to an end. But to be completely candid, I didn’t have too many new favorites in August. There were of course things I loved and wore over and over, but nothing that I haven’t really mentioned in a previous favorites post. So in light of the upcoming month, I decided to share a little ‘wish-list’. September is a bit of an odd month. It marks the end of one season and transitions us into the next. San Francisco’s weather has been a bit all over the place lately. Last week, it was in the 50’s and today it’s in the 90’s. Though SF doesn’t have defined seasons like Mississippi did, I still want to get in the fall mood a bit and start transitioning away from my linens, flip-flops, and go-to summer color palette. I go through color phases, and I have been hooked on lavenders, blacks, nudes, whites, and millennial pinks recently. I think these colors will be gorgeous in September, and as we get more into October and November, I will start to keep my eyes peeled for burnt orange, tan, and olive green pieces to incorporate into my collection. Shifting my college uniform (aka: XXL tee shirts and nike shorts) into a real-life wardrobe has been quite the process, but I have really enjoyed getting back into putting outfits together on a daily basis.

ONE crepe shift dress (under $50) | TWO black mules | THREE bell sleeve sweater | FOUR platform slides | FIVE farmacy moisturizer | SIX satin lace cami (ordered this one in a size 2; under $20) | SEVEN velvet kimono

When it comes to wish-lists, I try to think of practical pieces that I have had my eye on and think I could really get great use out of the next few months. Now that I have a ‘real job’, I am very conscious of what I could potentially wear to work. For example, that amazing crepe shift dress would be perfect with sneakers, ballet flats, booties, or mules for work. I also think it would look amazing layered under a cozy cardi or cropped denim jacket. It comes in a ton of colors, but I am currently leaning towards the nude. I have been collecting bold hues and wild prints for years, and pushing myself to buy neutral, solid essentials is never really in my comfort zone. A more ‘fun’ piece on my wish-list is this stunning, velvet kimono. I actually just received it in the mail yesterday, and I am really excited to start layering it over my outfits. During the week, I can really see it under a solid blouse + jeans for casual, office attire. With denim shorts + a tank, it would be the easiest piece to glam up any weekend look.

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Current Skincare Routine | August 2017

my current skincare routine | www.mackenziekendall.com

Hello & happy Sunday! I have been getting so many questions lately via Tumblr about my skincare routine. The last time I shared a thorough skincare routine on my blog was 2015, and I recently realized how much my routine has changed in the past two years. Back in high school, I started diving deeper into skincare, specifically into the world of anti-aging products. I know what you’re probably thinking – ‘Girl, why are you using anti aging products in your early 20’s?!’. I am a big believer that it’s better to start preventing skin damage and aging now than to try and reverse things twenty, thirty years down the road. Though there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to skin aging (i.e. genetics, lifestyle, diet/health, sun exposure), I believe that taking care of your skin externally is also very important! I crave routine, so for me personally, having a skincare regimen is essential.

I could ramble on about skincare forever (even though I am no expert or dermatologist by any means); it’s always been such an interesting top for me personally. Today, I wanted to share my favorite skincare products, my current routine, and a few tips I have learned over the years. So without further ado, let’s get into it, friends!

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