Roses Are Red

rose romper (under $100) | black leather jacket (linked similar) | lace up sandals

Hello & happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It is finally starting to feel a little like spring lately. This weekend, the weather here was sunny & in the 70’s and flowers are beginning to bloom. In the spirit of things, I decided to share one of my favorite winter to spring transition outfits. Whether you have date night or a concert to go to, this outfit is perfect! I absolutely love the romantic, delicate rose print on this romper (which, yes, I “borrowed” from my sister a few months ago. Sorry Allie!). To give it some edge and add an extra layer of warmth for a chilly night, I added my favorite black leather jacket. For shoes, you could totally opt for black booties or over the knee boots, but I added some gold lace up sandals just to dress it up a bit. I think this outfit would also be perfect with converse for a laid-back look as well.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday morning!



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Black & White

What’s black, white, and red all over?“. Anybody else remember those classic jokes from middle school? I sure do. The answer was usually ‘a newspaper‘, but some kids really liked to get creative and make up something new. So like every normal twenty-something year old college student, I decided to pull some inspiration.

Around the beloved (or dreaded) v-day, outfits adorned with splashes of reds and pinks fill our Pinterest feeds. Don’t get me wrong, friends, I love a good, classic Valentine’s Day Outfit. I really do! But sometimes you just want to opt for something easy, simple, and neutral. Something that works for date nights and gal-pal parties alike.

black turtleneck (linked similar) | Privacy Please skirt | black over the knee boots (linked similar)

For this kind of anti-Valentine’s Day look (if we wanna call it that), I decided to opt for a black turtleneck top, a white skirt, and black over the knee boots. Simple and clean. For a pop of red, you could totally rock a red clutch or some bold red lips (my newest favorite shade is “Little Weapon” from Colourpop. It’s everything.).

Who says you can’t wear white in February? I adore this flouncy skater skirt from Privacy Please. It will be perfect for spring with a printed top and little lace up sandals, but I love it this time of year as a transition piece. I love that it feels so high quality and that it is lined (there’s nothing worse than a see through skirt. Who’s with me on that one?). I picked it up on sale in white a few months ago on Revolve, but it’s available in so many great prints.

Whether you decide to opt for a classic red, girly pink, or classic neutral outfit for Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and that you spend the holiday with your loved ones! Regardless of whatever plans you may have, I think Vday is the perfect day to really celebrate those you care about. On that note, I just wanted to say that I love and appreciate you! Thank you for your constant support and for making me feel loved.



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Blush Fur Jacket

off the shoulder top (linked in my fave print) | black leather leggings (under $30) | black booties (linked similar) | faux fur coat (linked similar, affordable option)

Back in all black. Who’s shocked? I am not really one for winter clothes. I definitely prefer the cheerful colors and bold prints of spring and summer. From about November to the end of February, you can pretty much always find me wearing head to toe black (and occasionally the fun pop of color). In the spirit of the upcoming holiday (*cough cough* Valentine’s Day), I decided to throw on a blush toned fur jacket from the brand Lioness. This fur jacket makes me feel super glamorous and a little sassy. Best part though? It’s super warm. Comfort + style; score.


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My Top Twenty Favorite Free Fonts [PART TWO]

Hello & happy Friday! I wanted to start by thanking you all on the wonderful feedback I received on my ‘Top Twenty Favorite Free Fonts‘ part one post. I made it on a whim this summer, and it was so much fun to create. I was so surprised & overjoyed to find out that y’all loved it. After that post received almost 100,000 in a matter of just five months, I decided I would make this a series as I absolutely love finding new favorite fonts (guilty pleasure). I hope this post can help you discover some new favorite fonts too!

If you would like to see more of these Free Font/graphic design related posts in the future, please let me know. Also, I have included detailed instructions on how to download/use each font below!

Fonts: brayden script | shopping script demo | hubster | paper bow demo | fish & chips | sunrise international | truly yours | english essay | october twilight | unrulyness | mikelis | better together demo | trendsetter | white festive | hijrnotes | lauren | molleat | paper daisy | ting tong | manufactured consent

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Everyday Heat-Free Waves + Current Hair Routine

Hello & happy Monday! I am excited to announce I will now be having a blog schedule (yay for organization). I will be posting every single Monday and occasionally on Fridays too! So check back every Monday for a new post.

So today’s post is definitely long overdue. Throughout my years blogging/on social media, this is been my #1 most requested post: a heat free hair tutorial + my daily hair routine. I have always enjoyed making the previous hair posts (like this one about growing long, healthy hair), so I decided it was finally time to share my little secret to heat-free waves. So without further ado, here is my hair routine + my heat-free method for loose waves.

T H E   P R O D U C T S

sponge rollers

These are my little secret weapons. I sleep with sponge rollers in my hair pretty much every single night. I’ve been sleeping with sponge rollers in my hair since I was about 2 or 3 years old. I personally do not find them uncomfortable, but that is most likely because I have been using them for about nineteen years now (except for those two years in middle school where I was addicted to the flat iron).

I naturally have course, wavy hair. However, my natural waves are messy, unpolished, and unruly (inserts the Miley Cyrus song ‘Can’t Be Tamed’). In middle school, I would spend an hour every single morning trying to straighten my hair, in failed attempts to tame it. When I decided to start the journey to healthy hair, I decided to use my sponge rollers again as a heat-free method to polished, effortless hair.

I love sponge rollers because they give the effect that I used a curling iron. I also love that they save me so much time in the morning. I can just take them out, and go (instead of spending an hour straightening/curling my hair). Sponge rollers take me under a minute to put in, and in the morning, I can just take them out in seconds. Most importantly, I love that they do not damage my hair. I have been bleaching my hair for years, which is incredibly damaging. Using sponge rollers keeps me from using excessive heat on my hair! Almost forgot to mention this final pro of sponge rollers- but they are also very affordable. The set I linked above are under $2.00. Sponge rollers are very budget friendly!

To some, sponge rollers may seem ridiculous or strange. My roomies over the years have probably been so perplexed at first by my strange sponge roller addiction, but to me, saving time in the mornings & preventing damaged hair makes them SO worth it. I love being able to wake up in the morning and get ready quickly- especially if I have work or class.

I hope that you can find my hair tutorial below informative & helpful!

Loreal everpure condition | Batsiste dry shampoo | OGX coconut milk serum | Moroccanoil Loreal shine spray

Here are a few of my favorite hair products. I have repurchased ALL of these products multiple times, and they are products that I plan to continue repurchasing for years to come. I am constantly testing out new products, but these are my top five that I always, always come back to. I find that they work very well for my hair type, and most of them are ultra affordable.

T H E    R O U T I N E

I wash my hair about 2-3 times a week. This is something that I think surprises some people, but my hair really doesn’t get greasy (neither does my mom’s hair). It’s important to try to avoid washing your hair every single day, as it does strip your hair of essential oils.

After washing my hair, I usually dry it gently with an old t-shirt (which is better on your hair than using a towel). I then brush through it, apply a heat protectant, and blow dry it using my favorite blowdryer. My blowdryer is pretty much the only heating tool I use, but to me, it’s an essential. I personally use a blowdryer because my hair takes HOURS to dry naturally + using a blowdryer really tames my hair and makes it straighter/sleeker.

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Velvet Heels

Hello & happy Monday! Anybody else watching The Bachelor this lovely evening? My mom and I definitely are! The Bachelor is totally our guilty pleasure.

There is definitely no place like home. There are few things that I love more than being back home in Texas, spending time with my family and high school besties. I am definitely looking forward to enjoying some tex-mex, playing some golf, and catching up on my sleep (okay, and binge-watching Gilmore Girls). A few of my college friends recently got me hooked on Gilmore Girls, and I can’t stop watching it.


I recently picked up this simple black thermal top a few weeks ago, and I have been wearing the heck out of it lately. It’s super comfortable and very versatile. This morning, I wore it with leggings and Birkenstocks for a day of running errands and catching lunch with my parents. For a night out, I paired the thermal top with black jeans, a black clutch, and my favorite velvet heels. Though I typically gravitate towards prints and bold colors, it’s always nice to opt for a simple, neutral outfit on occasion! I love how comfy & easy this outfit is- especially to take from day to night.



New year, new me new accessory. And by accessory, I mean my glamorous new boot. I wish I had some wild story about how I ended up with a boot on my foot, but sadly, I don’t. I tripped on the sidewalk in Deep Ellum about a week ago – crazy, I know. If that doesn’t describe how graceful I am, then I am not quite sure what does! I spent New Years Eve at Urgent Care getting x-rays, but luckily it was not a fracture (it’s just a sprained ankle + foot/toe contusion). I am so excited to get this boot off ASAP.

I am obsessed with agave plants. I think they look so cool, and there is no denying that they make a pretty unique backdrop. When I saw these gems on a recent drive with my sister, I couldn’t help but pull over to take a few photos in front of them. With everything in the winter time being so brown and dead here in Texas, it’s always refreshing to find something with a little bit of color!

striped jumpsuit | crop fur jacket (linked similar) | black western boot 

When I found this striped jumpsuit, I knew I needed it in my life (best part? it’s on sale right now!). I absolutely love jumpsuits because they are so easy, but they feel so put-together. I really loved the rich burgundy color of this specific jumpsuit, and the fact that it had vertical stripes. As a short gal, it can be hard to find pieces that makes you look taller & leaner. Narrow, vertical stripes are super flattering and definitely help elongate you (fun fact)! I was so excited to discover my new jumpsuit matched perfectly with my latest find- a cropped burgundy fur jacket. Fur jackets are having their moment right now, and I am loving it. I purchased the burgundy fur jacket on Free People a few weeks ago because it was under $100! Sadly, it is sold out right now, but hopefully it will be back in stock soon!

For a night out, I would totally pair this jumpsuit with a black leather jacket and black velvet heels. For an extra bit of edge, add a dark burgundy lip. I also think it would look killer in the spring time with some neutral wedges and a clutch. I love that the jumpsuit can be worn year round.

I hope that you are having a wonderful Monday!



December Favorites

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2017?! Thank you so much for all the support and love this past year. This past year definitely went by very quickly, and I could not be more optimistic or excited for these next twelve months.

Now that it’s officially January, I wanted to share a few of my favorite beauty products & favorite new purchases from December. I’ve been receiving a ton of positive feedback on my monthly favorite posts, so I thought I would continue with the series!

Velvet heels

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