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Hello & happy Sunday! So I know it is a three day weekend, but I wanted to go ahead and share what I have been up to the past 48 hours. Unpacking. And lots of it. Over the past few weeks, I have pinned more home decor pins and have read more decor blog posts than I can count. I love finding new inspiration and ideas. Most blog posts and pinterest boards kind of just display a highlight real- the finished result. I wanted to shake things up and share kind of this in-between stage I am in at the moment. My dad and I have had the best time collaborating and decorating our apartment (he actually doesn’t hate the pink rug, if you were wondering). It’s honestly been SO fun (even though our apartment is pretty tiny, and there isn’t too, too much space to decorate). My mom is coming to California this week to bring some more of my things and stay for the week. It is actually pretty fun (but amazing) that I am getting to spend more time with my parents these next few months than I did throughout my four years at college. During college, I rarely came home, except for holidays. In the summertime, I was either studying abroad or away at work (I worked at a summer camp after my freshman year, studied abroad after my sophomore year, and interned in Silicon Valley after my junior year). I have always been a super independent person, but it’s so refreshing that I will be getting to spend a lot of time with my family these next few months.

I am so excited that this time a week from today, our apartment will be {mostly} finished! I start my marketing job in San Fransisco next Monday, so it will feel really nice to get to come home every evening to an actual “home”. As much as I love relaxing, eating, and nesting all day, I am honestly beyond excited to start working! It’s starting to hit me that life is about to change. The transition from college to ‘adulting’ is a HUGE one. Huger than I anticipated. It is so strange to think about that this really isn’t a summer. It’s not like the ‘summers’ before where I worked/traveled, headed back to school, and repeated. Things will be more routine than the constant rotation between summer/school, but I find that comforting. This process itself (i.e. the process of graduating, moving, and attempting to be something of a real, functioning adult) has really been so surreal, and I have been loving every second of it. It has also been a huge learning process, but it’s something I wouldn’t change for the world.


My biggest personal struggle is definitely patience. I can be very impatient, and this process of moving, unpacking, and decorating has taught me that patience really is a virtue. I wish things would fall into place and be completed over night, but life just doesn’t always work that way. This moving process has taught me to be patient and appreciate the little steps along the way. Little things create the big picture/the finished result. Every day I set a goal for myself, even if it’s the world’s tiniest goal like putting together photos for the wall or setting up the coffee table. Sometimes we just need to sit down, chill, and take a big breath. Things have a way of falling into place and coming together, even if it’s not in the time frame we originally set. I have been sick the past few weeks, which has not been fun. I went in for a routine physical and found out that I was really sick. The antibiotics I am are very strong, which has been frustrating. My impatience with myself has been more challenging than any other battles with patience that I have faced. I just wish I could feel 100% by the next morning, but I have been learning to be patient with my body. Every day I feel 10% better, and that’s a silver lining in itself. Being sick makes you really appreciate when you are in good health! Nonetheless, the good in my life outweighs the bad.

Aaron Brothers frames


Ah multitasking- what we as women do best. I have really come to learn and love the art of multitasking these past few days. It feels like I am juggling a thousand things sometimes, but I do love it. This is incredibly embarrassing to admit, but I just finished Riverdale on Netflix. The fact that I finished it is not embarrassing- but how quickly I did definitely is. When I first started it, I imagined it would be a Degrassi-type of show, but I figured I would watch the first episode or two with an open mind. Less than 48-hours later, I was done with the last episode of the first – and only- season. Guys, it’s good. I genuinely really liked it, and if you are looking for a new show to binge watch that’s a little bit Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl meets Big Little Lies, Riverdale is a good one. I love shows that keep you guessing- who did it? Those kind of shows are like books that take serious self control to put down. So I have been multitasking just a little bit, but it helps the process of unpacking and setting in from being too tedious. My current watch now that I have finished Riverdale? Girl Boss. A friend recommended it to me, and I started it this morning. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it just yet, but nonetheless, it’s pretty entertaining! I love the quirkiness.

Out & About

So though I spend a lot of time cooped up in my apartment, unpacking, decorating, blogging, and shamelessly binge watching Netflix for hours a day, I do in fact leave {lol}. This weekend has actually been one of the best the weekends I have had in a very long time! One thing I love about the Bay Area (besides the food, the weather, and the culture) is the people. Moving back to the Bay Area- for the third time now- was not a hard decision for me. There was never really another place that came to mind, and I had no ‘torn feelings’ about the big move. It felt like a new, exciting environment, but it still has that comfortable, homey appeal. I got to see some of my friends this past weekend, which was awesome! I love catching up, and I have missed so many of my friends out here! I made the most incredibly friendships last summer at my internship, and I am so happy most of my friends from last summer came back to the Bay Area too. It definitely makes the moving journey so much easier. This place has always just felt “right” to me. I am not sure how else to describe it, and I am not sure if you have ever had that feeling, but I just feel like ‘me’ here. Unapologetically me. It is definitely not a feeling I have had during ever single chapter of my life, but I always feel it here. It makes any of the hurdles completely worth it. Okay, getting a little TMI, but this week has been an emotional one- in the very best way!

One specific highlight of my weekend? Visiting my favorite plant store in the entire world- Highway 92 Succulents. If you live in SF or the Bay Area, Highway 92 Succulents is the absolute best. Trust me- I am a plant store snob (hey- I can admit it!). I could gush about their store all day long. Not only is every employee so kind, friendly, and knowledgable, their plant selection is out of this world. Every time I go, I find a new plant to add to my growing collection (no pun intended hehe). My latest find? My new Bunny Ears succulent. Not to brag, but he is SO cute!

My dad had been complaining a little last week that our apartment wasn’t ‘homey’ yet (it’s hard for anywhere to feel homey when all the walls are bare and cardboard boxes stack up- tbh), but I figured adding a few plants would make our place feel a little more alive. Okay, by a few plants, I mean eight. But- hey, who’s counting? Regardless, the plants definitely added some life to the apartment!

One of my favorite things about visiting Highway 92 Succulents (besides the other lovely things noted above) is that you can pot your own plants at the store! I decided to pot mine at the store so that I wouldn’t procrastinate when I got back to the apartment (oorrrr spill dirt everywhere all over the carpet). I love that they have soil and rocks to use in your potting process! Funny enough- more than one person thought that I was an employee at the plant store haha. When I told my mom, she said “Now ur just the crazy plant lady“. Thx mom; I’ll take it.

Okay, sorry for all the rambling! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!



P.S. I have been getting a ton of questions lately on some of the pieces I have featured on my snapchat (like my rug, headboard, etc.), and I will have those things linked when I put up my actual decor post sometime next weekend/early next week! I want to wait until I have everything together and in place, and I will share the decor deets 🙂

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