Two Fave Swimsuits [under $100]

printed bikini top // printed bikini bottoms [reversible]

“sun seeker” one piece (c/o)

Hi! This past weekend, I rode on a motorcycle (not even kidding) to Half Moon Bay beach. I remember spending weekends at Half Moon Bay as a child, and it was really nostalgic to visit again. The weather on Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and the view of the ocean was just incredible. Only negative? I didn’t have a swimsuit. I gave my swimsuits to my sister for her to borrow on her recent trip, but I figured I would be totally fine without them for a few weeks. A last minute motorcycle ride to the beach involved me making the best of my no swimsuit situation. I definitely rocked yoga pants and a sports bra on the beach; it’s fine. About two weeks ago, I ordered two new swimsuits. They just arrived yesterday, and I absolutely love them!

The printed bikini is from my very favorite bathing suit brand, Maaji. Their swimsuits tend to be pretty expensive, but I luckily snagged this fun bikini for under $100 total! The top was under $35 & the cheeky bottoms were under $30. Score. I fell in love with the top when I spotted it online. The ruffles add such a playful & girly touch, and I figured it would be very flattering on my pear-shaped body. However, the top is a little more revealing than I expected. There were several styles of the bottoms available, but I decided to be a little #scandy & try out the cheeky bottoms. If cheeky bikini bottoms are a little out of your comfort zone, Maaji has some other styles available with more coverage. In general, I would recommend sizing up for Maaji as their swimsuits tend to run a tad bit small. My favorite part about Maaji bikinis (besides the fact that their prints are SO fun!) is that they are revisable. So you basically get two swimsuits for the price of one. When I ordered this specific bikini, I had no idea what the reversible pattern would be. But I am dying over the black & white reversible print on the other side. I may or may not have laughed a little when I saw the crazy white tiger print. YOLO, friends.

One piece swimsuits have been trending like crazy this season. So I decided to get on board & try the trend out for myself. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on this suit last night. I am taking some pictures in it this weekend, but I couldn’t wait any longer to show it to y’all! I love this specific one because it’s ultra casual. It would be perfect paired with denim shorts for an easy, summer look. For reference, I did order this one piece swimsuit in a size small. I purchased the Maaji bikini in a size medium for both top & bottom (I do wish I would have purchased a large for the Maaji top).

Sorry this post was a little random, but I just had to share my two recent favorite swimsuit finds with y’all! I hope you’re having a great week so far!