Tarangire National Park


IMG_8335 2

An elephant with half a tusk


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Baby elephant follows closely behind his mother



A herd of elephants take a quick detour to the watering hole



A baby elephant crosses the road


A dirt covered elephant snacks on some grass




A male ostrich



The stunning Tarangire Treetop lodge





A giant elephant bone


Our treetop getaway


When I was a child, I always wanted a treehouse.  So as my mom and I pulled up to the Tarangire Treetop lodge, my twelve-year-old self immediately fell in love. Each guest stays in a tree house, which is incredibly cool. With a plethora of cacti, African decorations, and large animal bones scattered around the grounds, this place was not only beautiful, but very unique. My favorite aspect of the lodge was the fact that it was all built around a very large 700 year old baobab tree. We were immediately greeted with delicious drinks and tons of hospitality (and great wifi!). The Tarangire Treetop lodge was not fenced in, so many waterbucks came up very close to us and drank out of the watering hole located just a few feet away from the swimming pool. We enjoyed watching them as we ate dinner. The next morning we woke up very early to explore the Tarangire National Park, where we found tons and tons of elephants. The best part was that there were so many baby elephants! The fascinating thing about the elephants at the Tarangire National Park was that they had a very red tint to them. Our tour guide, Simon, told us that this was because the elephants roll in the dirt to cool themselves off and keep the bugs away. We loved getting to see all of the hundreds of elephant at the park. It was truly unforgettable!  Sadly, we didn’t spot a cheetah during our trip (no pun intended), but we got to see so many incredibly animals! I am very sad that we had to leave Tanzania, but I couldn’t be more excited to start school at the LSE this week. Hope you all are having a fabulous week!


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