Free & Easy Product/Outfit Collage Tutorial


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had an awesome first weekend of April! Last summer I made a ‘gold font tutorial‘ which now has thousands and thousands of views and pins (to my surprise!). A lot of y’all have been requesting more blog/graphic design tutorials, so I thought I would finally make a product collage tutorial since it’s been so heavily requested. Product collages are so much fun to make & I absolutely love making them. Here is how I make product collages without photoshop, indesign, illustrator, or polyvore (which are all great programs, but can be a little time consuming or difficult to use, especially for beginners)…


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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

thanksgiving outfit 2

velvet dress | long necklace | riding boots


thanksgiving 3


thanksgiving 4

fur vest | swing dress | black tights | booties

 My favorite holiday of the year is not too far away. Just thinking about all the turkey and pumpkin pie to come helps motivate me to push through these next two weeks of school. I realized the other day that I have only been home two days in the past six months, which is absolutely crazy. I am so ready to enjoy some much-needed time with my family!

What are you most excited for this Thanksgiving?