My Top Twenty Favorite Free Fonts [PART THREE]

Hello, hello & happy Sunday! I started this little series on my blog about a year and a half ago, and I have received TONS of positive feedback on these ‘favorite free fonts’ posts. I decided to make a part three to the series, and I hope this post can help you find some new, favorite (free) fonts too!

Check out my PART ONE and PART TWO “My Top Twenty Favorite Free Fonts” posts if you love fonts as much as I do!

Favorite free fonts! - PART THREE |

Fonts: potatoes and peas | autumn moon | indiana | cute notes | shutterstone | raw selvedge | whoa baby | reckless | bottle massow | burston | run wild | simplicity | sweaty | coyote | lucky turns | discobaby | hello stranger | albret | golden plains | sunday morning

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My Top Twenty Favorite Free Fonts [PART TWO]

Hello & happy Friday! I wanted to start by thanking you all on the wonderful feedback I received on my ‘Top Twenty Favorite Free Fonts‘ part one post. I made it on a whim this summer, and it was so much fun to create. I was so surprised & overjoyed to find out that y’all loved it. After that post received almost 100,000 in a matter of just five months, I decided I would make this a series as I absolutely love finding new favorite fonts (guilty pleasure). I hope this post can help you discover some new favorite fonts too!

If you would like to see more of these Free Font/graphic design related posts in the future, please let me know. Also, I have included detailed instructions on how to download/use each font below!

Fonts: brayden script | shopping script demo | hubster | paper bow demo | fish & chips | sunrise international | truly yours | english essay | october twilight | unrulyness | mikelis | better together demo | trendsetter | white festive | hijrnotes | lauren | molleat | paper daisy | ting tong | manufactured consent

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My Top Twenty Favorite Free Fonts

Hello friends! My most popular blog post to date is my ‘Free & Easy Gold Font Tutorial‘. I also get asked all the time on Tumblr about my fave fonts! About a year ago or so, I started collecting fonts, and I’ve acquired so many favorites. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite free fonts with y’all! I hope that you can find this post helpful & that you can discover some new faves to add to your collection. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the future!

*P.S. There is now a PART TWO of my top twenty favorite free fonts. Check it out HERE!*

fave free fonts |

Fonts: contento script | ballerina script | bebas neue | DK innuendo | paduka script | caviar dreams | angeline vintage | moon flower | edition | lucemita | funsized | mayton | fox in the snow | pacifico | DK zesty lime | basic title font | bodini | shorelines script bold | budmo | magnolia sky


1. Go to or click the links above to find each font.

2. Click ‘download’ (to the right of each font)

3. Once the font has downloaded, click on the downloaded file and then double click the font ‘.otf’ file. 

4. The font will then pop up, so select the ‘install font’ tab on the right of the pop up.

5. Yay! You have a new font to play with!

Let me know what your very favorite free font is!

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