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On me: layered crop top | tropical skirt | bull cardigan (SO comfy- borrowed this piece from my stylish Mom) | converse  //  On Alexandra: off shoulder blouse (on sale- under $50) | shorts (on sale- under $50!)

Happy Wednesday night! I am finally back in the lovely state of Texas. It’s been so nice catching up with my family and hometown besties. However, I have to say I am missing the gorgeous Northern California weather. Luckily, there has been a cool front here in Dallas, making it bearable to brave the outdoors.

My sister, Alexandra, and I headed to Dallas to explore our favorite Texas city. Our day consisted of Steel City Pops (the best!!), decor shopping at antique malls, and my favorite restaurant, Blue Mesa. It’s been so nice to be back home with my sister and my family! In just two days, I am heading back to Oxford to finish my final year of college. I’m super excited to catch up with all my college friends and to decorate my new apartment!

What are you looking forward to this school year?



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Keepin it Casual

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Tee  | Sweatshirt |  Leggings  |  Converse | Backpack

Happy Thursday! Winter break is almost over for me, and college classes begin again this Monday. One thing I love about going back to school is having a valid excuse to break out all my comfy clothes again. For class, you can always find me in an oversized shirt and leggings. It’s quick and easy, which is what I am all about during the semester. When it comes to tshirts, I absolutely love the Free People tees. I have several of them now, and I wear them all year long. They are very versatile because you can wear them with leggings and tennis shoes or you can pair them with cute shorts and sandals. The one I am wearing here is in the color ‘Army‘ and is a size small.

Sometimes the library or the classroom can be freezing, so I always take a sweatshirt with me. I love Wildfox sweatshirts because they can easily fit in my backpack or be worn around the waist. They are also incredibly soft, and I love the sassy phrases that they all have on the front. I’ve linked some more Wildfox sweatshirts below; they are definitely so much more special than your average sweatshirt!

Let me know what your go-to casual and comfy look is!



Favorite Summer Purchases


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At the beginning of this summer, I did some serious closet cleaning. I went through everything in my closet that didn’t fit anymore or I hadn’t worn in the past two to three years. It felt good to finally de-clutter my life and get organized. After selling some of my old Lilly Pulitzer pieces that didn’t fit anymore, I had money to do a little shopping and purchase pieces that fit, and that I could get great use out of. This season I’ve been all about off-the-shoulder dresses and tops, pom-poms, bold colors, tassels, cut outs, crop tops, versatile, pieces, and heels/wedges! London has some great shopping, and I absolutely love living in the city. If any of y’all have any London shopping recommendations- let me know. So far I’ve been loving Topshop, Zara, and Mango!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I hope you all had a great weekend!