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After getting off work today, I walked to my car and a crazy, spontaneous idea hit me. “I am going to go find a succulent farm”. I searched on google for the closest succulent farm and found one about fifteen minutes from my office. Score. So I headed off on a journey towards Half Moon Bay in hopes of finding some new babies to add to my cactus collection.

As I pulled up to the Highway 92 Succulents farm, I knew off the bat that I had found heaven. Immediately as I walked into the cactus-filled nursery, I was greeted by the friendly owner, George. I am going to be 100% honest when I say this, I have never experienced more incredible customer service in my entire life. George helped me pick out some incredible cacti, and he even helped me plant and arrange them in a terra-cotta bowl. We chatted for about thirty minutes about everything and anything Cali-related. I left so incredibly happy, my new cactus garden riding shot gun in the front seat. To finish off the day, I, of course, headed to Chipotle.

Sorry this post is a little random, just wanted to share my fun adventure and the gorgeous cactus nursery I discovered today! In the morning, I will be up bright & early for a long hike in San Francisco with a friend. Couldn’t be more excited for this three day weekend ahead.

Happy Friday evening!



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