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Cleanser • Toner LotionPore Minimizer (primer) •  Tea Tree OilNaked Palette MAC 224 Brush •  MAC 150 Brush •  White Dress •  Romper •  Pom-pom TopBardot Top •  Black Top

I love shopping. With only one more weekend left in London, I decided it was time to do some retail therapy before hitting the library to cram for exams. After leaving my dorm around 10:00 or so, I visited The Body Shop first. I have actually never been in The Body Shop before, but I recently read some great reviews on their tea tree products for acne prone skin. I’ve been struggling with angry breakouts the past few months, so I’ve been trying a ton of different products in hope of finding some that will help my acne. I picked up these five Body Shop products in two little sets that totaled around 30 pounds. The products I got include the tea tree facial cleanser, toner, lotion, pore minimizer (primer), and treatment. The products claim to make a difference in your skin in just three days, so I am going to put them to the test! I’ve only tried this new skin care routine twice so far, but I really like it so far. I will review these products in more detail once I use them a little more and get an opinion. Next stop was Topshop. I’ve been really obsessed with the store, Topshop, lately because I love their variety of styles, great quality, and petite line! When you are 5’0, it can be really hard to find clothes that fit perfectly without needing alterations. Luckily for me, there is a 3-story Topshop right here in London, and it’s incredible. They were having a huge sale this weekend where I was able to purchase this off the shoulder top, pom-pom top, and beige romper all for about half-off each! I actually have the pom-pom top in black already, but I’ve been wearing it pretty much weekly. When I really love a clothing piece, I always get it in every color! I was really excited when I saw my favorite pom-pom top came in white and was on sale- I just couldn’t resist. I also really liked the beige romper I found on sale. I’ve been really into tie-front tops/dresses lately, so I thought this romper was really cool. Something else I love about Topshop is that they actually offer a 10% student discount, which does help save you a bit of money!
Next stop was Victoria’s Secret. When you walk down Oxford Street in London you see hundreds of people with the pink, striped Victoria’s Secret bags. I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check it out. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked in- it was huge! Never in my life have I been a four story tall Victoria’s Secret. I ended up purchasing a nude, strapless bra, which I felt would be a smart investment because I actually do not own one. It’s also multi-way, which makes it super versatile and practical. I was really glad I stopped by to check it out! Across the street from Victoria’s Secret were some makeup counters. I picked up two MAC brushes. I chose the MAC 224 brush because I felt like it would be an awesome brush for blending eyeshadows. I do not actually own a blending brush, so I felt like this pick would help make my daily makeup routine that much easier. I also splurged on the MAC 150 because I knew it would be an awesome brush for applying finishing powder. I also read reviews that raved about what an awesome brush it was for applying and blending bronzer! I also stopped by an Urban Decay makeup counter to get my favorite palette. I got the UD Naked Palette for Christmas a few years ago and fell in love. You really do get your money’s worth with any of the Naked Palettes, and they have awesome pigmentation! I actually used up my entire first Naked Palette, and I have been procrastinating buying a second. I don’t usually repurchase products because I love trying out new things, but I loved this palette so much that I decided it was worth it to purchase another! I would highly, highly recommend it if you are just getting into makeup or looking for that perfect, versatile day-to-night palette!

My last stop was Lush. I *no joke*  spent almost two to three hours in Lush Oxford Street because I knew it would most likely be my last time to visit. I have been saving up my money all summer for my big Lush shopping spree, and I didn’t spend as much as I originally assumed I would. I walked out with tons and tons of awesome products to try out and gifts for my friends and family back home. I am going to do a thorough post and review on the products once I get home, but I don’t have anywhere to photograph them here in London! I am really excited to share my huge Lush haul with y’all, and if you follow me on Snapchat (mackenzieken), you probably already saw some of my snaps on some of the things I picked up! Lush is actually bringing in some new products to the states, so I hope to see some of the Oxford Street exclusives in all of the stores over the next few months! I am so glad I got to check out the flagship store! It was unbelievable to see a three story Lush store, and I absolutely loved the amazing staff and products there. So stay tuned for my Lush haul in the next two weeks (I included a little sneak peak below)!

Here are some pictures of my purchases:










Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Hope you all are having an awesome Sunday!

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