September Favorites


F U N   B U N

When I first saw the half-up, half-down fun-bun hairstyle, I immediately thought I could never pull that off. For months, I saw pictures on Pinterest and Instagram of girls rocking the half-up, half-down bun [specifically my girl crush, Amanda Stanton from the Bachelor]. During a visit to Wake Forest to see my sister, Alexandra, I ended up finally trying out the hairstyle just for fun. And I fell in love. I weirdly love this hairstyle, and I’ve been wearing it all the time. I think it’s really fun, and it’s perfect for second (or third.. or fourth) day hair!

september faves

G L O W   U P

[becca ‘champagne pop’ & hourglass ‘incandescent’]

Yesterday at the football game, I got a few compliments on my highlight. I realized that I’ve tried out so many highlights over the past few months. My two favorites right now are definitely Becca and Hourglass. I love the Becca highlighter for special occasions and nights out. It gives you that ‘I can see your highlight from space‘ look, and it really pops. I also feel like it’s a pretty universally flattering color. I recently got this Hourglass ‘strobe light’ highlighter in the shade ‘incandescent’. I am really glad I decided to pick it up because I honestly do love it. It’s very subtle and is perfect for those that want to try highlighting’strobing, but don’t want anything over the top. It’s great for an every day look, especially for class. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for the perfect ‘daytime’ highlighter!


C A N D L E S   &   C O A S T E R S

[‘Baltic Amber’ candle & geode coaster]

I’ve been adoring these two Antho purchases this past month. Voluspa candles are my absolute favorite. ‘Baltic Amber’ has been my favorite scent for years, especially in the fall & winter. It’s such a warm and cozy scent, and I love it when I am getting ready for bed or taking a bath. As for this coaster, I think it’s such a great decor piece. I feel like it really fits the ‘aesthetic’ of my room this year, and I totally want to order a few more. I love that ‘no two are exactly like’, and they would be such a unique gift for friends and family!


F R I N G E   W I T H   B E N E F I T S

[brown fringe jacket]

I absolutely love fringe for fall time. I picked up this suede jacket several weeks ago, and I think it’s stunning. It has a very vintage feel & it looks amazing in photos. I can’t wait to wear it all fall and winter with swing dresses and rompers. It also comes in black!



[herbalism facial cleanser]

Anybody who knows me knows that Lush is the love of my life. I’ve tried pretty much all of the Lush face cleansers at this point, and I recently repurchased the Herbalism cleanser. My face started breaking out at the beginning of this school year, so I thought I would start using Herbalism again. It’s really great for acne-prone skin, and I feel like it really does help clear up my skin. I personally don’t love the earthy smell, but it really is a great cleanser that I think is definitely worth the money!

I hope you enjoyed this little monthly faves- let me know if you would like to see more of these in the future!



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