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I get asked so frequently about my favorite perfumes and body sprays, so I decided to a make a little list of my favorite ones for the season. In the daytime, I love a tropical body spray. They aren’t as heavy as perfume, but still add a nice fragrance. Bath & Body works makes my all-time favorite body sprays. They have such a huge variety of scents, but their ‘Hawaii’ line that came out a few months ago is amazing. It’s embarrassing, but I have actually been through three full bottles of the Oahu body spray. No joke. What I love most about the Oahu body spray is that it has coconut notes, but isn’t overwhelming at all. It smells like vacation in a bottle. I also love the Maui fragrance from the line as well! With notes of mango and hibiscus, I instantly feel like I am back in Maui! For nights out and special occasions, I love Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Both smell very fresh and beachy, and I love them for summer time! My last favorite scent for summer is Sun by Lush. It doesn’t have the best staying power, I am going to be honest, but I absolutely love the fragrance. It has strong citrus undertones and smells just like oranges. I always throw it in my purse or backpack because it is a solid perfume and is awesome for ‘on-the-go’ use. It’s the perfect mid day pick me up. I love all of the Lush solid perfumes, but this is my favorite for summer!

Let me know your favorite scents for summer! Hope you are having an awesome Wednesday!


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