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Dress • Sandals • Earrings • Clutch (not available- similar) • Book

Whenever I am stuck on what to wear, I always reach for this easy dress. I have already worn it 4-5 now, and I just purchased it last month. I love it because it is not only super comfortable, but it is very versatile. Before heading to Africa, I stopped by Anthropologie with my sister to shop. I had no intentions of actually purchasing anything, I just went with her to browse. Allie tried on this striped green dress, and I fell in love. I am sure she was less than pleased that I ended up purchasing it too, but I just couldn’t help it! When we were checking out, the employee working at the cash register told us that our ‘new favorite dress’ was actually a tunic! She said that her favorite way to style it was to pair it with jeans or shorts and tie it at the waist. I definitely plan on wearing it as a shirt by knotting it at the waist and pairing it with a white skirt. However, I absolutely love it as a dress though! It comes in so many fun patterns- and it runs petite. This dress/shirt/versatile piece was definitely more of a splurge for me, but I would totally repurchase it another pattern in the near future. I find myself constantly wearing it this season.

I decided to pair this dress with my favorite pink tassel earrings (that are now back in stock here!!), neutral sandals, and a hot pink clutch. I purchased this clutch in three colors several years ago at Jcrew. It is such a fantastic clutch that easily works for both day and night!

P.S. These photos were taken back in TX before heading off abroad. I took several pictures back home before heading here that I forgot to post! I will be catching up on posting those photos over the next few weeks! Also, I have been loving this fabulous London tour book from Anthropologie. It has so many fun places and sites recommended by locals! I would definitely recommend picking it up if you are heading to London this summer.

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  1. This dress looks so good on you, Mackenzie! I usually only browse Anthro for home stuff and candles, but I’m going to look at the clothing next time I go in.

    1. Thanks Isabella! I love Anthro candles, but I also love love love the clothing there as well! 🙂

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