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Happy Tuesday! I hope that you had a great Easter weekend! I know it was definitely a relaxing one for me. My family and I enjoyed a nice Easter weekend filled with friends, brunch, church, shopping, movies, and of course, good tex-mex. It’s always very refreshing to take a weekend getaway back to Texas. This weekend, I also started the hunt of finding my first apartment! I am really looking forward to living in California this summer, and it’s been fun searching for the perfect place to stay. I’ve been living on campus for three years now, so I finally feel like a real adult, searching for my very first apartment. I couldn’t be more excited for these upcoming months. Is anybody else counting down the days til summer?

During my weekend at home, I noticed my mom had the cutest new phone case (pictured above). Her tropical case put me in the mood to hunt down some other perfect cases, all under $50. I have a boring, black case on mine at the moment, but I definitely need to pick up a new one for spring! I’ve been totally eyeing that cactus case! Obsessed!


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