October Favorites

Hello, hello & HAPPY HALLOWEEN! So over the past month (which may I add went by so, so quickly), I have received tons of positive feedback on my ‘September Favorites’ post! A lot of y’all really loved the casual chat style, so I decided to share my October favorites from this past month now that October is coming to an end. October was definitely a great month for me. I got to spend a lot of time with my family and friends & met some new friends along the way.

Without farther ado, here are my October faves:

S T A R R Y   E Y E D

[star wrap choker]

My mom bought me this amazing star-embellished choker this past month, and I love it (and wore it in my last ootd blog post). What I love about it is that it’s very unique, but because it is neutral, it goes with everything & is very flattering. I think it’s a great pick for somebody that is looking to get into chokers, but doesn’t want anything too basic or anything too harsh/dramatic. I know I will be wearing this one all season!

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C A C T U S   B L O S S O M

[bath & body works cactus blossom candle]

When I went home to Dallas last weekend, my mom had this Bath & Body Works candle burning in my room & I immediately fell in love. It isn’t a fall scent by any means, but it has such an incredible scent with notes of cactus flower petal, coconut, vanilla, and lemon. It’s the perfect combination of cozy, bright, and clean that I personally think works year round. After my plane landed in Memphis last Monday, I went straight to the Bath & Body Works store and purchased this candle to have in my room in Oxford. I had several friends come over last week, and every single one mentioned how amazing my room smelled-all thanks to this amazing candle! Next time you go into Bath & Body Works, definitely check this one out.

O V E R   T H E   M O O N

[Urban Decay ‘Moondust’ shadows]

If you have been following me for a while (or follow me on snapchat @ mackenzieken), you know the Urban Decay Moondust shadows are my favorite things on the face of the planet, and I have been collecting them for a while. My current faves (from left to right on dry hand swatch) are ‘moonspoon’, ‘space cowboy’, and ‘zodiac’. I have especially been wearing the heck out of my moondust shadows this month. I picked up ‘moonspoon’ last week, and I have been obsessed with it. It’s a gorgeous grey with silver sparkles that I think looks amazing all over the lid. I would definitely recommend applying them wet over a base (the NYX jumbo pencils & the liquid Maybelline color tattoos are my favorite products to use under these shadows). I personally love these moondust shadows for night time, concerts, and special events. If you are torn and want to get just one color- you can’t go wrong with Solstice or Zodiac. Both are SO unique, but still wearable. I definitely have the ‘moondust palette’ on my wishlist this holiday season!

L A C  E   M E   U P

[lace up hoodie]

Over the past few months, I have actually been on the hunt for the ‘perfect hoodie’, but I am just so picky. When I stumbled upon this one on Revolve, I was excited to actually find the perfect hoodie, but I was beyond depressed to see that it was sold out (boo). Luckily, I found it on another site in burgundy, AND on sale. Score. I love the lace up detail, but I also love the fit of this hoodie. It has cool slits on the side and is longer in the back, making it perfect to throw on with leggings and converse. I definitely would love to get this hoodie in another color because I seriously love it!

B A C K   T O   T H E   F U T U R E

[MILK holographic highlighter]

I looked at this holographic highlighter for weeks- reading tons of reviews and watching more YouTube videos than I can count. I eventually gave in and ordered it from Urban Outfitters, and boy, do I love this gem. I love highlighters a ton, and I am constantly buying new ones. This holographic highlighter from MILK is so unique and different from anything I have in my collection. It looks a little weird, but on the face, it has such an amazing effect. It is also great to layer with powder highlighters (specifically the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘moon child’ highlighter palette). My roomies and sister have all tried out my MILK holographic highlighter, and it looked stunning on all them as well. Even though Halloween is today, I think this highlighter could work year round. I can’t wait to wear it for all of next month as well!

Honorable mentions:

song of the month: Lovesick (feat. Felix Snow) by Caroline Pennell

album of the month: Mothership by Dance Gavin Dance (see my photo with the lead clean singer here

starbucks drink: strawberry acai refresher 

photography/photo editing: tone curves on lightroom

book: ‘Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future’ 

tv show: mad men

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Have a great and safe Halloween! Let me know what you are being for Halloween & what your October faves were.



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