My Top 10 Fall Accessories




Hello friends & happy Tuesday! This has been highly requested over the past two years, and I decided to finally make a visual of my favorite accessories for fall. To be completely honest, I use to hate fall clothes and accessories back in high school. Even though I still prefer summer attire, I have fallin (no pun attended) for all things autumn over the past few years. As soon as it hits October, I start breaking out the boots and dark lips, regardless of the weather. Here are some of my favorite accessories and pieces for fall:

black booties | taupe booties | fringe booties

beige floppy hat | black floppy hat

vamp lipstick | vamp lipgloss

plaid scarf 1 | plaid scarf 2 | plaid scarf 3

copper nail polish | plum nail polish | dark metallic nail polish

red earrings | tassel earrings

taupe wallet | black wallet | tan wallet

socks 1 | socks 2 | socks 3

quilted vest | fur vest

cowboy boots | rain boots | riding boots | duck boots

I would absolutely love to hear what your favorite accessories for fall are! Head back over to the blog on Thursday for a super cute fall outfit post (that includes my new favorite booties). Hope you all are having a fabulous week!



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