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 Moondust Eyeshadow (in ‘Solstice’) | Better Than Sex Mascara | Revolution Lipstick (in ‘Rush‘)

Sephora is my happy place. It would be probably be impossible for me to leave that store without my hands covered in hundreds of swatches. When I was shopping with my sister this weekend, it was too hard to pass by Sephora without trying out a few new things (and picking up an old favorite).

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I absolutely love Urban Decay, and their eyeshadows are probably my very favorite out of all the brands I have tried. Even though I am an avid collector of the Naked palettes, I have never once purchased any of their individual shadows (mostly because they are around $20 a piece!). However, after swatching all of the Moondust Eyeshadows in my local Sephora, I just couldn’t say resist picking one up for myself. They are so incredibly unique and gorgeous, making them worth the $21 price tag, in my opinion. I decided to go with Solstice, a gorgeous duo chrome. I love this shade because I’ve never seen anything just like it before. From one angle it looks like a berry, burgundy tone, and from the other angle it appears to be a bold turquoise/teal. This eyeshadow totally makes a statement, and I plan on wearing it packed into the center of my eyelid. In the pictures above, I just did one light swatch on the back of my hand. If you apply the eyeshadow with water or MAC Fix+, it creates a stunning, ‘wet-like’ effect that is incredibly pigmented. This eyeshadow can also be worn as an eyeliner, which I think would be super fun on the upper lash line. My sister decided to pick up one of these Moondust Eyeshadows as well, and she was torn between Zodiac and Ether. She decided to opt for Ether, which is another duo chrome shadow. We decided the light purple 3D glitter in Ether would make her green eyes really pop. We both plan on purchasing Zodiac next!


The name of this mascara may be a little ‘out there’, but this mascara totally rocks. One of my best friends raved about this mascara to me for months. I eventually gave in and tried it out for myself not too long ago. It was love at first swipe. Unfortunately I was not blessed with naturally thick and beautiful eyelashes, but this mascara really makes the world of difference for my lashes. It adds tons of volume, drama, and length without any clumpiness whatsoever. I love the formula because it isn’t too wet, but it isn’t too dry either. Mascaras that are too wet can end up in a clumpy mess and all over your eyelids. Mascaras that are too dry, on the other hand, can flake throughought the day, also leaving a huge mess. The Better Than Sex Mascara has such an awesome formula that honestly looks great for hours and hours. It is very rare for me to repurchase a product, especially a mascara, because I love trying out new things. However, this mascara is a product I will constantly repurchase.

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Over the past year or so, I have become something of a lipstick addict. Lipsticks can totally change up your entire look and are fun to add to your makeup collection. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect everyday, neutral lipstick- something not too nude, but not too bright. After swatching probably thirty lipstick shades on the back of my hand, I decided to go for the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in ‘Rush’. ‘Rush’ is pretty much a ‘your lips, but better’ kind of shade. It has a pinkish-mauivish tone that pairs perfectly for day or night. I think it’s especially great for winter because it has a very cool undertone which goes great with any cool toned eye look. I absolutely love the formula of this lipstick. It is very pigmented, but also very comfortable to wear. It goes on smoothly and lasts on the lips for several hours. I also find it to be very moisturizing, which is always a huge factor for me with finding the perfect lipstick. The Revolution Lipsticks also have a nice sheen to them, making them very flattering on the lips. They also don’t have any scent whatsoever, which is something a lot of people prefer. I also love the price of these luxurious lipsticks. They are not drugstore price by any means, but they are a lot more affordable than a lot of other lipsticks at Sephora (Dior  & YSL, I’m looking at you). I would definitely purchase another one of the Revolution Lipsticks in the future. There is such a great shade selection, and the formula is just awesome.

Let me know if have been trying out/loving any new products lately! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend & a great Thanksgiving.


P.S. – who else is excited for Cyber Monday in just a few hours?!

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  1. Sephora is also my happy place, too! Haha. Just recently I picked up a cute sample bag of an Urban Decay eyeshadow in the color Midnight Cowboy which is a gorgeous purpley shade–similar to yours! Can’t wait to see how you wear it in upcoming looks 🙂 Good luck with finals!
    xo, Amanda

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