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HAPPY LAST DAY OF MARCH, friends!! Peace out, March & heellloooo April. March was definitely a great month for me, filled with plenty of amazing moments and memories. I love March because it’s really such a transition month between winter and spring. The blooming flowers bring promise of the beautiful flora and sunshine to come. I love winter during the holidays, but after NYE, I get a little very sick of the cold weather.  April is my birthday month, which makes spring just a little bit extra exciting for me. I can’t believe that I will be 22 this month (*sings Taylor Swift’s “22”*). I also can’t wrap my head around the fact that this will be my last full month of college. I know I have mentioned graduation in my last few blog posts, but it still seems so surreal to me. How did college go by so quickly?

I thought I would do something a little different this month in addition to sharing my monthly faves. March definitely had it’s fair share of highs & lows for me, so I thought I would spill my personal experiences from the past month:The highs of March for me included spending time with my friends and family on spring break, seeing Dance Gavin Dance live in Memphis, and rekindling some old friendships. For me, there are very few things in this life sweeter than friendship. The older we get, the more focus we put on finding quality friendships instead of placing sole importance on quantity (at least for me personally). Sometimes friendships drift apart over time- whether that be the result of distance or misunderstandings. This past month, I really got to catch up with some of my old friends, and it’s made my college experience feel more ‘full circle’. Friendships are such an important aspect of life, especially during the major transitions periods that can be overwhelming to face alone. So this month, I was thankful for the wonderful friends in my life- both new and old.

The major low of March was definitely getting the flu. Having the flu was more awful than I could have ever imagined (totally not dramatic or anything). I felt like absolute death, just to put it lightly. Missing class and falling behind in school is incredibly stressful. It’s taken a while to play catch-up after the week I missed battling the flu. Nonetheless, it’s taught to me to appreciate the days when I am healthy and to never take my health for granted (oh- and it taught me to get the flu shot in the future + take emergen-c more often).

Okay, okay. Enough rambling & onto my monthly faves:

Who doesn’t love a new workout outfit? Getting a cute workout piece always motivates me to hit the gym. I have been loving the heck out of this black workout crop top. It’s super flattering and comfortable. I especially love it for hot yoga class! It’s provides a little more coverage than a sports bra, but it still shows just a little sliver of skin. I am dying to pick another one up in the new color, ‘cactus’. As for these workout leggings, I got them this past Valentine’s Day from Zella. I was a pretty loyal Lululemon gal myself, but once discovering Zella, I have to admit I’m quite divided. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Lululemon, but I am all for a cheaper alternative. These pants are super stretchy, and I love the adorable mesh detailing.workout crop top (size xs) + zella amour leggings (size xxs)

Okay. Eye know you’re totally judging me right now (see what I did there?). But hear me out, friends. My dad sent me a picture a few months ago of this giant eyeball in Dallas because he thought it was cool. Since then, I had been dying to see it in person. During this past spring break, my dad took me to the giant eyeball & it was everything I imagined it would be. It is SO awesome. If you are in Dallas and are looking for something a little ‘out of the box’ to see, I would highly recommend stopping by the giant eyeball. After snapping a few pics, my dad and I enjoyed dinner at The Woolworth. The Woolworth is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas, and it has an amazing view of the Giant Eyeball. I also love The Woolworth because it was an old department store-turned modern restaurant. There’s also the coolest little library built into the restaurant itself. Additionally, the menu is really unique, and there are so many great options! I would highly recommend ordering a few appetizers and splitting them as a meal.location: 1601 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

Guys. I am still not over these pink heels. I’m head over heels in loooveee with them, and I can’t wait to wear them for work. I think these heels are the perfect way to really add a pop of color to any neutral outfit or solid dress. I am looking forward to pairing them with my new navy jumpsuit that I just took to alterations! They would also be SO cute for Easter or a spring wedding! I can not get enough of these pink heels. yaro heels

Before dropping any kind of $$$ on a makeup product, I will watch probably twenty YouTube reviews before finalizing my decision. After seeing positive review after positive review on this highlighting palette, I decided I wanted needed it in my life. I have been using this highlighting palette pretty much every single day since purchasing it- and no buyer’s remorse here. I’ve recommended it to SO many friends, and I would highly recommend snatching it up because it is limited edition. I love this palette because I feel like it’s very universally flattering and it has a great mix of everyday & fun shades. I personally find myself using every single shade in this palette, but my favorites are definitely ‘kitty kat’, ‘forever young’, and ‘glo getter’. If you are on the fence about this palette, I would totally say it is worth the money if you are looking for a versatile, intense highlighting palette.

ABH glow kit

If you’re one of my peeps that has been following my blog/Tumblr since the ‘jean phobia’ days, you’re probably in shock that I am featuring jeans on a monthly favorites. For years (and by years, I probably mean like about six), I refused to wear jeans. I felt insecure and uncomfortable in them, and when I wore them, I literally had an identity crisis. Drama queen, I know. I ordered these white ripped jeans on a whim this past month, and to my surprise, I ended up loving them. I even talked both my mom and sister into buying a pair- and they both LOVE theirs. I actually ended up purchasing a second pair last week in the dark denim. I feel like for the most part, these jeans do run pretty true to size. I did go up one size for the white pair just to be safe! If you are looking for a great pair of jeans that are high quality & comfortable, but don’t break the bank, you will love these. They come in so many color options, and they are under $100.

busted jeans

Honorable mentions (noun): a distinction conferred (as in a contest or exhibition) on works or persons of exceptional merit but not deserving of top honors. Long story short, here are a few things I LOVED this past month in addition to my favorites above.

(1.) Jcrew Spring 2017. I shopped at Jcrew/Jcrew Factory all. the. time. back in high school. When I got to college, my love affair with Jcrew kind of fizzled out. After receiving this Jcrew catalog in the mail, I fell back in love again & I felt totally inspired. I have placed two orders on Jcrew this past month, purchasing tons of cute things like this striped linen button down and two of these basic tees. The realization that I am graduating in May is starting to hit me, and I am starting to think proactively about my post-graduation wardrobe. I am beginning the process of swapping out my little crop tops for work-friendly, versatile basics. #adulting.

(2.) Metallic Figurine. I feel like this is something of a random favorite, but I have been really adoring this little decor piece I picked up at target recently. I think it’s super cute- and it pairs nicely with the little wooded giraffe I purchased from Target this past summer. I am at the point where I won’t even let myself walk near the decor section in Target because it is just too tempting! I’m beyond excited to start purchasing decor for my new apartment after graduation, and I know Target will totally be my first spot.

(3.) This Stationery. Does anybody else totally get ‘stationary’ and ‘stationery’ confused? I totally do. Nonetheless, I have been using this adorable stationery from Etsy over the past month. I love that it’s a little grown up and modern, but it’s also a little fun.

Other honorable mentions:

(4.) So Delicious dairy-free ice cream sandwiches

(5.) Chon (band)

(6.) Designated Survivor (tv show)

I hope that you guys enjoyed this little monthly favorites. I tried to do something a little different for March! Comment below & let me know what you loved this past month!



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  1. Hi Mackenzie!

    As an upcoming college senior I’m curious to learn more about the job searching process and how to deal with your classes while doing that simultaneously! I loved your internship posts last summer so it would be aswesomw if you could talk about it!

    1. Hi Misha!

      Thank you so much for your comment! The job searching process can be very time consuming. I think a good rule of thumb is ‘don’t stop applying to jobs until you have one’. I set out time every single day to apply to jobs. I typically get to campus around 7am and apply to jobs until my first class starts at 9:30am. If I have extra time later in the afternoon after my classes, I will continue applying. It’s definitely all about time management! I will definitely consider making a more thorough post in the future about that topic- thank you so much for your feedback and suggestion! 🙂

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