For our first day exploring New Delhi, we started by enjoying lunch with one of my college professors (that teaches at Ole Miss, but is originally from India). He took us to one of his favorite local restaurants, and we really enjoyed trying a variety of Indian dishes. It was awesome to get to spend time in India with one of my college professors!

After our eventful lunch, we headed to the India Gate. The India Gate, a gorgeous monument located in New Delhi, was such a wonderful late afternoon visit. There was tons of street food and good people watching. Allie and I couldn’t resist getting street henna done, which was a really unique experience. We also found it really amusing that locals wanted to take pictures with us during our time at the India Gate. This was something we also experienced during our time traveling in China back when I was in middle school! Pretty funny!

white midi skirt (linked similar) | chambray button down (linked similar) | lace up sandals

For our day exploring New Delhi, I wore a white midi skirt paired with a denim top and lace up sandals. In India, they are quite conservative with their attire, so I felt very comfortable with my knees and shoulders covered. Allie wore a long skirt and sleeved top as well!

Stay tuned for more pics from our most recent adventure 🙂