Favorite Shoe Trends for Spring 2017

Everybody has their own guilty pleasure. For me personally, it’s shoes. I can admit that I have something of a shoe addiction and that I own more shoes than any human being probably should. They say the first step is admitting you have an addiction, and friends, I definitely have a weakness for shoes. Whether it be strappy sandals, sky-high patforms, or anything in between, I want them all.

I can hardly contain how excited I am for all of the spring trends this season- shoe trends included, of course. I wanted to share three of my favorite shoe trends for this upcoming season that I have been noticing (and loving) lately!

Without further ado, friends, here are a few of my favorite babies for spring:

1. E A S Y   E S P A D R I L L E S

Ahh Espadrilles. Classic, feminine, and the embodiment of everything summertime. I am sure you have seen a thousand versions of the effortless espadrille, but I have a special place in my heart for these chloe-dupe espadrille wedges

I especially adore these espadrille wedges from Steve Madden. Not only are t hey incredibly affordable, but they are the perfect combination of casual + ‘I put in a little effort today, but just a little‘. The color is also beautiful and versatile. Though I love them in this deep tan color, these wedges also come in black and taupe (my mom owns the black ones!). I know these Steve Madden espadrilles will be such a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear them!

Steve Madden espadrille wedges (under $100- also come in taupe and black)

How to style them: I definitely picture these wedges paired with jeans + a flowy top. Lately I have been into all white outfits and I think these shoes would be perfect with white distressed jeans and a white peasant blouse. These would also be great with denim shorts and an off the shoulder top for a casual dinner outfit. I like the thought of them paired with a midi dress as well for another dinner outfit!

shop the shoes + pieces to pair them with:


2. G O   B O L D   O R   G O   H O M E

Life is too short for boring shoes. So go bold- or go home. Or something like that. When I initially spotted these stunning fuchsia heels- I knew I wanted needed them in my life ASAP. And boy, is there no buyer’s remorse here. I love absolutely everything about these heels. To start, the color is just gorgeous. It’s the perfect shade of pink, and the perfect amount of boldness. I also love the classic shape and height of these heels, making them perfect for work. These Sam Edelman heels also come in tons of other fun, cheerful colors that will add a pop of color to absolutely any outfit. My personal favorite shades (besides the pink, of course)? ‘Aquarian Blue’ and ‘Sunset Yellow’.

In addition to bold heels, I’ve been so many adorable and colorful pom-pom/tassel heels and sandals like these and these. Though I am not quite sure I am ready to delve into that specific trend, I think pom-pomd & tassels are great ways to get the bold, bright shoe trend!

Sam Edelman pink heels

How to style them: For a casual day or dinner, I think these heels would be perfect with jeans + a white top. Simple and effortless, but still fun. I also think they would be great with any white dress (short, maxi, or anything in between). For work- opt for a black pencil skirt with a solid top or throw on with your favorite black jumpsuit and blazer. Hot pink pairs perfectly white black, white, pale blue, yellow, cobalt, and navy!

shop the shoes + pieces to pair them with:


3. C O O L E R   I N   C O R K

I purchased these cork heels last spring as a birthday gift to myself. They are tall; there’s no denying that or beating around the bush. But these heels are stunning. There’s just something about cork to me. It’s neutral, it’s versatile- but it’s definitely not boring or basic. There’s something about it that screams summer. Let me tell you, Schutz knows how to make a good shoe. I’ve been seeing cork heels all over the place this past month, and I am loving it. Schutz also makes a baby version of these heels, which I think would be perfect for brunch, spring weddings, and even work! I can’t wait to wear these babies again for Easter in just a few weeks!

Schutz cork heels (linked in this year’s shorter heel version)

How to style them: I wore these heels last spring with a snake print romper for my birthday dinner with friends. For a birthday dinner with my family, I wore them with a long floral maxi skirt and a matching crop top. For a spring wedding, I would pair them with a bright or pastel off the shoulder dress. I think a floral maxi/midi dress would be perfect as well! I will be pairing them with a multicolor, pastel maxi dress for Easter this year.

shop the shoes + pieces to pair them with:


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6 thoughts on “Favorite Shoe Trends for Spring 2017

  1. All of these are adorable! I have been wanting those Steve Madden’s for so long! I’ve been having trouble justifying them as a college student though who wears t-shirts and leggings more often than looking nice for class

    1. Aw thanks Morgan! I totally feel you. I am excited to wear ‘real clothes’ more often when I graduate in a few weeks 🙂 I do love my t-shirts and leggings though!

  2. I’ve been DYING to get those hot pink Sam Edelman shoes! I just love the pink and think they would go with so many things! All your pics are great!

    1. I have been wearing them non-stop. I got mine true to size, and they fit perfectly. However, I also recently bored my mom’s pair (which is a size or half size smaller than me), and they were great too. My best advice would be to try and find them in stores to try on or order two different sizes (knowing you will send one pair back). I do really love them though and think they are a steal. I have already worn my 5+ times. My best advice would also be to wear a band aid with them the first time or two you wear them as they can give you a blister the very first wear! Let me know if they end up working out for you!!

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