Favorite Purchases from March

Happy Friday & happy first day of April (*insert April Fools’ Joke*)! Didn’t March go by so quickly? What an eventful month it has been! Though it’s been a great month, I am so excited that it is finally April, which may or may not be my favorite month of the entire year. I love that it finally starts to look & feel like spring when April rolls around. April is also my birthday month, and I will be the big 21 this year (which totally makes me feel like a real adult). I officially booked a flight for Vegas to celebrate my birthday at the end of the month; fingers crossed I’ll be lucky so I can do more of my favorite past-time, shopping.

Okay speaking of my shopping addiction, I tried out a few new products this past month that I wanted to share with you guys! I found some new favorites that I have been just head-over-heels for.


1. perfume rollerball // 2. rockstar soap // 3. reversible bikini // 4. lace up sandal heels // 5. surf foam spray blow dry // 6. surf infusion // 7. luminous blush

1. perfume rollerball

Most of my friends have beautiful perfume bottles stacked on their dressers and counters. I’ve always been a bit more of a ‘body spray’ girl myself. However, when it comes to special occasions, I’m always left wishing I had a go-to, grown up perfume. My sister purchased the Light Blue perfume last summer, and I was constantly sneaking into her bathroom to borrow it (sorry, Alexandra. ily!). When I was at Sephora last weekend, I gave in. I purchased the rollerball version because I love how perfect it is for travel and on-the-go outings. The scent totally puts me in the mood for summer!

2. rockstar soap

Also during my Easter weekend home, I stopped by Lush (is anybody surprised? Let’s be real). Though I’ve tried what feels like the majority of the products at Lush, I have yet to try several of the soaps. The sales associate at Lush gave me a free sample of the rockstar soap, and I completely fell in love. It reminds me of ‘Snow Fairy’, one of Lush’s seasonal products that I hoard during winter. This scent, however, is not for everyone because it is very sweet. Lush describes it as a ‘vanilla scent’, but I personally find that it smells more like bubblegum. I absolutely love it though & it’s totally worth picking up if you love ‘Snow Fairy’ or the Comforter bubble bar!

3. reversible bikini

This month, I tried out the bikini brand ‘Maaji’. Their bikinis are pure perfection. Not only do I love all the fun prints and the unique cuts, but I also love how flattering they actually are. They fit so much better than other bathing suit brands I have tried in the past, and I would highly recommend them. My favorite part about Maaji bikinis is that they are actually reversible, so it’s like getting two bikinis in one! A lot of y’all on Tumblr asked about the sizing, and I definitely think they run true to size (though lots of sources on the internet say that they run small). I always get a medium in the Maaji tops and bottoms. I’ve linked some pictures below of the bikini on:

pic 1 | pic 2 | pic 3

4. lace up sandal heels

I had been eyeing the Sam Edelman ‘Yardley’ sandals for weeks. When I came home the week before spring break, I discovered that my mom bought them. I didn’t want to buy the exact same heels as my mom, but I wanted to find a similar pair. That’s when I stumbled upon these new BCBGeneration sandal heels, which are gorgeous. They come in several amazing, neutral colors, and are beyond comfortable. I wore them on Easter with my maxi dress, and I can’t wait to wear them all season!

5. & 6. surf foam spray & surf infusion

I’ve been a fan of the bumble & bumble ‘Surf’ line for years. This past month, bumble & bumble introduced a new product to the line- the Surf Foam Spray blow dry. I had to try it out. The Surf Foam Spray wasn’t at my local Sephora, so I ordered it online. I’ve never experienced a product just like it. I am a huge fan of ‘second day hair’, especially because I wear my hair wavy/curly 98.8573% of the time. I find that my hair always looks best a day or so after washing it. Plus, it’s so much easier to style. Meet the Surf Foam Spray blow dry. This product gives you that effortless, easy-to-style second day hair with tons of volume & no crunchiness whatsoever. It kind of gives that ‘gritty’ feeling, but still leaves your hair feeling soft and healthy. When I used it for the first time, I was so shocked! I’ve used texturizing sprays before, but none have even compared to this product. It’s crazy good. It’s actually recommended for fine to medium hair, but I find that it works well for me as well (my hair is on the thicker side). Plus, this product smells amazing, which is always a plus in my books. I would definitely, definitely repurchase the Surf Foam Spray. Tip: a little goes a long way.

Though I wasn’t able to find the Surf Foam Spray at my local Sephora store, I was able to find the bumble & bumble Surf Infusion. This product isn’t brand new, but it did come out not too long ago. Surf infusion was featured as one of the Allure 2015 ‘Best of Beauty Award Winners’, so I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. The Surf Infusion is a much better version of the original Surf Spray, a product I’ve used forever. The Surf Infusion is a much better fit for my dry, coarse hair! I would definitely pick this one up again over the original.

7. luminous blush

When I saw this product hit Sephora online for VIB rouge, I was like ‘yass, I need you‘. Out of all makeup products, I find blush being my favorite category to shop for. I’ve heard countless raves about the brand Becca, especially regarding the highlighters. Though I have yet to pick up one of the highlighters, I decided I would finally give the brand a try when I saw this new blush hit Sephora online. It also had near-perfect ratings and reviews, which sparked my curiosity. What was this new product all about? The shimmering skin perfector luminous blushes are described as:

Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Luminous Blush features multi-dimensional, versatile blushes to create a subtle, shimmering flush. Specially designed to flatter all skintones, this collection is inspired by the fan favorite Shimmering Skin Perfector—just the right balance of color and light. Wear them alone for subtle blushed luminosity, or as a blush topper layered on top of your favorite matte blush for an added pop of radiance.”

Only two of the colors are available right now. I was torn between the two of them, but I finally decided to opt for ‘Snapdragon’, a gorgeous, universally flattering coral. It’s everything I wanted NARS ‘orgasm’ to be. Snapdragon is very gorgeous and looks great with a tan. I was expecting this blush to have chunks of glitter in it, but there’s not chunky glitter whatsoever, making it very flattering on the skin. Sometimes shimmery products can really emphasis my large pores, but this product is very, very flattering. The other four shades launch this month, and I am definitely tempted to pick up another in the future! They are very unique and versatile.

What have you been loving this past month?



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