F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

Hello & welcome to my little FAQ page. I’ve compiled some of my most frequently asked questions (via email, tumblr, and instagram). I hope that you can find them helpful! If you ever have any additional questions, feel free to shoot me an email at mackenziekendallblog@gmail.com!

What year are you in college? What is your major?

I am a senior! I am majoring in Business Marketing and minoring in Art. 

How tall are you?


Any advice for someone that is interested in blogging?

Go for it! Blogging is so much fun, and you have nothing to lose. It’s such an amazing creative outlet, and I would recommend it to anyone. Focus on creating a space that makes you happy and don’t worry about what anybody else thinks. Stay consistent and find your ‘voice’. 

What camera/lens do you use?

This is probably my number one frequently asked question. I am a huge believer that the specific camera and lens that you use are not all that important. I manipulate my photos by shooting in manual mode & editing them after. Learning manual mode can make the hugest difference in the way the aesthetic of your photos and the story that they tell. Understanding lighting can make a huge difference as well, and I would highly recommend practicing during different times of the day. In general, I am a Canon gal myself. I personally use this camera, but I would always recommend the Canon Rebel for beginners (it was my very first camera, and it’s what my mom & sister both use). If you have a higher budget, you can’t go wrong with this one. For camera lenses, I prefer to shoot with prime lenses. You can’t go wrong with this lens, the 85mm , or the 35mm. It really just comes down to personal preference and price range! 

What do you use to edit your photos?

I looveee lightroom. It’s my very favorite way to edit photos because there are so many options for really customizing your photo! I also love VSCO as well. If you’re looking for a great editing app that is easy to use, I would recommend Afterlight. For graphic design work, I use Indesign. If you are a beginner, I would highly recommend checking out Picmonkey. 

At this moment, I am not selling any presets as I edit each photo individually based on the lighting, colors, and the general feel of the photo. The more you practice editing your photos, the more comfortable you will feel. I edit photos every single day!

What blogging platform do you use?


Any photography advice?

Practice, practice, practice. Never stop learning. I learn new things every single day, which is such an awesome part of photography! Learn as much as you can and never give up. Find your own unique style and stay true to your own creative vision. Find what inspires you and capture it.

My passion for photography started in the dark room back in middle school. For years, I drifted away from photography as other distractions emerged. When I decided to get back into photography about a year ago, I practiced every single day. I practiced taking photos in my room- of my lamp, of my bed, of my plants. I watched videos on how to shoot in manual mode and made an effort to really understand my camera inside and out. Right before heading off to my summer internship in California, I finally got the courage to practice my photography on a few of my friends in Dallas. I had so much fun, and I am so glad they were so patient with me! All summer, I practiced photography- never giving up and never seeking advice from others around me. I took photos of everything from the strawberries in my fridge to the view from my balcony. Every single day, I picked up my camera and experimented. Everybody has to start somewhere. Never give up and never get discouraged. The more you practice, the more confidence you will find!