Dermstore BeautyFix Box

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Dermstore BeautyFix box | August (c/o dermstore & shopstyle)

Hello friends! I received this awesome box from Dermstore last week, and I’m beyond excited to finally get to share it with y’all! This Dermstore BeautyFix box is basically a monthly subscription box where you receive a collection of professional skin and hair care products, handpicked by beauty experts and delivered straight to your door. I was excited when this box arrived because the packaging was so cute, and it was stuffed with more products than I even expected.

As most of y’all know, I am obsessed with beauty products, and I am constantly trying new things out all the time. I absolutely loved getting this BeautyFix box because I got to try out so many really cool products, and I even found some new favorites. The best part about it is that you really get your money’s worth with Dermstore. Some of these products are full sized and retail for up to $60 each. The total box is worth about $158- which is insane that is costs only $12.48 for your first box.

Out of the hair products, the Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo was my favorite. It was super cleansing and really removed any buildup I had in my hair. I also really loved the Alterna Daily Densifying Foam. I scrunched it into the roots of my hair to add some volume, and I was really happy with the results. As for the skin care products, I’ve been using a new routine with the products. I’ve been using the Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash with my Clarisonic brush twice a day. I find that foaming face washes work best with the brush. I especially love the Bliss face wash because it has a very nice scent that leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. The Bliss face wash comes in a travel size in the BeautyFix box, but I definitely plan on purchasing the full size when I run out.  After cleansing my skin, I apply the Paula’s Choice CLEAR Regular Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment. I have very, very acne prone skin, and it can be very difficult to find skin care products that work for me. Most acne treatments dry out my face or cause burning- this one doesn’t. I love it because it also looks nice under makeup, which is something I haven’t found before in an acne treatment. I apply the Medicell Labs Redness Relief Hydrating Cream to my cheeks and the outer perimeter of my face. It adds a nice layer of hydration to those drier bits of my face and really does a nice job at combating redness. Lastly, I apply the SmartFX SmartEye Wrinkle Lift. I have been using anti-aging products since I was about 16 years old. I believe that it’s important to start early with anti-aging products instead of later once you start noticing actual signs of aging in the skin.This SmartFX Wrinkle Lift is really nice because it is tinted, so it provides a nice hint of coverage. It also makes the area under my eyes super smooth and even, which makes applying under eye concealer so much easier.

I have absolutely loved getting to try out these products from the August Dermstore BeautyFix box. I would highly, highly recommend checking out these fun subscription boxes! They are a fabulous way to try out new products without breaking the bank. Sadly, this specific box seems to be sold out at the moment, however, hopefully the September box will be out soon! You can check out the Dermstore BeautyFix box here. I linked the individual products from the August box below if you want to check them out!

Thank you again, Dermstore, for sending me such an incredible BeautyFix box to review!

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