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Hello hello! I have finally moved into my dorm, and I absolutely love it. All of the rooms for my dorm are singles, so I do not have a roommate. However, we do have a community bathroom/kitchen. I have finally moved everything in (though I could use some more decorations/color in my room). Our room came with pillows, linens, and towels, which was very nice. I actually just ordered new bedding and pillows for my room in the sorority house this fall, and I can’t wait to post pictures as soon as I get those in the mail. For this fall, I’ve decided to do a solid colored bedspread with fun & bright pillows!

As a lot of y’all know, I actually spent yesterday in the emergency room. Two nights ago, I woke up around 3:00 am with the worst pains in my right side. They were so excruciating that I could not stop screaming. I went down to the front desk of the dorm, and I collapsed on the floor. The staff at the front desk called the ambulance, which came almost three hours later. When I arrived at the hospital, they had to hook me up to morphine, which still didn’t completely fix the pain. After several blood tests, they found out I had a very severe  stomach infection/bug that I most likely picked up in Tanzania. I had to miss my first day of classes yesterday, which honestly was a bummer. I hate getting behind in school and missing assignments. I was able to make it to class this morning, but I still don’t entirely feel like myself yet. I hope I start feeling better so I can start enjoying my time here at LSE. Sorry if this post was a little bit of a downer, but I just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on in my life! I am just very fortunate that I am recovering and that I don’t have to surgery or anything crazy like that. Things could have definitely been worse, and I know I will appreciate my good health in the future. But thank you all so, so much for your love and support on tumblr. Y’all’s encouraging messages made my day!

I went to Lush Oxford Street again a few days ago, so I will be posting about my mini haul later today (or possibly tomorrow).

Thank you for checking out my blog! Hope you all are having an awesome, awesome week!


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  1. Love your dorm & happy you’re feeling better! If you’re looking for a good pub in London, the Sussex in Covent Garden is one of my favs! Enjoy 🙂

  2. Hey Mackenzie!! I was wondering what size you ordered that off the shoulder Denim dress from Mango is in? I love it! P.s I lovelove reading your blog! Have a fantastic time in London! xoxo

    1. Hey Lynh! It’s an XS- I actually purchased it in the Mango store here in London!!

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