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Bobbi Brown Lipcolor Trio (c/o Neiman Marcus)

Bobbi Brown has easily become one of my favorite makeup brands over the past few months. I have absolutely loved every single Bobbi Brown product I have tried. I was beyond excited when I found out I would have the opportunity to try out this fabulous lipstick trio thanks to Neiman Marcus and Shopstyle. I’ve been really in love with lip products lately because I find they’re a great way to really add something different to every look. Bobbi Brown lipsticks are really, really great. I love the selection of wearable shades, and the creamy texture. I also love how they are unscented. Another one of my favorite things about the Bobbi Brown lipsticks is the packaging. I think the gold and black packaging is very classic and nice! I’ve been really, really loving these three gorgeous shades:

Your everyday go-to: Pale Mauve

Pale Mauve is a gorgeous, neutral pink. It gives a hint of color without being over the top, making it perfect for school or work. It also pairs nicely with any eyeshadow look! It’s a great shade for those that may be scared of trying lipsticks or bold colors on their lips. It’s very subtle and natural, but still adds a nice flush to the lips. Pale Mauve is also super creamy, so it won’t dry out your lips or cling to dry patches like some lighter lipsticks can!

Your girls night go-to: Salmon

I am a sucker for orange and coral lip products. They are so fun and bold. When I opened this lip trio, I knew immediately that Salmon would be my number one favorite. It can look a little intimidating in the tube at first, but it is actually quite sheer on the lips, making it more wearable. I found that it looks amazing for a night out paired with an orange lipgloss. My new favorite combo is the Bobbi Brown Salmon lipstick with my favorite NARS lip gloss in the shade ‘Nebulous’ layered on top!

Your date night go-to: Soft Rose

Soft Rose is a lovely, darker berry pink. It’s a little dark than what I usually go for, but it’s a nice darker shade without going too dramatic. It’s less sheer than Salmon and Pale Mauve and gives a creamy, high coverage finish on the lips. It definitely brightens up your face. I also find that I don’t need to pair a lipgloss with it because it has a creamy and moisturizing finish by itself. I definitely picture Soft Rose paired with black winged liner and mascara for any special occasion!

I’ve been really loving this fabulous lip trio. It is limited edition, so definitely check it out! I really love this trio because it is definitely universally flattering. I love the creamy textures of all three and find them to all be very wearable. Thank you so much for checking out my blog & thanks again to Neiman Marcus and Shopstyle for sending me such a fabulous lip trio to try out!

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