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Happy end of April, friends! Is it just me, but did April go by crazy fast? This past April was definitely the busiest month for me in my entirety of college! It’s still so surreal that this has been my last full month of college. I am so incredibly excited for May and all of the exciting things coming up these next few weeks. Let the countdown to Cali begin! Today I am sharing my faves from April along with my highs & lows (including new apartment & new car details!). Without further ado, let’s chat about April!

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T A R T E   ” B E A C H   B A B E”   L I P S T I C K

When it comes to lip products, I am not a huge, huge lipstick kinda girl. I usually gravitate towards liquid products, lip stains, and tinted lip balms. However, when I saw this gorgeous lipstick on the Sephora site, I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I got the shade “beach babe”, and it’s the perfect nude for me. I love the formula- it is moisturizing, but not too shiny. It has a very natural finish to it that looks incredibly natural on the lips.

D R Y B A R   M A I   T A I   S P R I T Z E R

Drybar is definitely my favorite ‘higher-end’ hair brand. Not only is their packaging to die for, but their products are completely worth the money (in my humble opinion). I naturally have thick, wavy hair, so I am constantly on the hunt for products that allow me to avoid excess heat and effort. The DryBar Mai Tai Spritzer is my new favorite hair product! It smells incredibly and really helps enhance my natural waves for a beachy look. I use it in the mornings on dry hair! You only need just the smallest amount!

L U S H    S C R U B E E

When I first walked into the Lush store in Birmingham last weekend, I was immediately drawn to this little cutie placed at the front of the shop. I probably smelled it for five minutes straight until the sales associate came over to tell me that this product was her absolute favorite Lush product of all time. I gave in. I LOVE Lush ‘scrubee’. It smells incredibly and leaves your skin crazy, crazy soft. I am definitely going to stock up on my new shower fave because scrubee is sadly limited edition!

O N E   T E A S P O O N    D E N I M    S H O R T S

For years, I searched for the perfect denim shorts to no avail. Finally, I found the perfect pair. I wore them THREE times this past week, and I am obsessed to say these least. I will say that they do run big, so I would highly recommend going 1-2 sizes down. I ordered a 23 and still had to have them altered as well. I will also mention that they do run short! My sister ordered the exact same pair and returned them because they were very short on her long legs. However, they are the perfect pair for me personally and I have been wearing them nonstop this past month!!

L A N C O M E   J U I C Y   S H A K E R S

I eyed this product for months at Sephora. Every time I would walk in, I couldn’t resist checking out the adorable Lancome Juicy Shakers. Two weeks ago on a routine shopping trip to Ulta, one of my best friends talked me into finally making the little splurge. No regrets here. I LOVE this lip product. It is so cute, hydrating, and adds the perfect, natural splash of color to the lips! My best advice would be to pick the shade based on scent preference as these little babies have a strong (but delicious) fragrance.

G A L I F O R N I A   B L U S H

When my Benefit Coralista blush was completely empty, I knew I was in the market for a new blush. When this gem launched, I had to get it immediately. Not only is the packaging the cutest thing in the whole world (can you tell I am a sucker for packaging?), but the product itself is great. This blush is the perfect combination of peach + pink that’s not quite matte, but not too shimmery. It adds the most beautiful, beachy glow to the cheeks! This been such a must-have for me this month.

H O N O R A B L E   M E N T I O N S

The Handmaid’s Tale: I have been obsessed with Hulu’s new show, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale”. It is dark, but incredible well done and intriguing. The cinematography is really quite beautiful, and some of my favorite actresses are in this series too! Definitely worth the watch. 

Bath and Body Work’s ‘Oahu Coconut Sunset’: This was definitely my scent of choice last summer, but I recently repurchased another bottle. It smells like summer + the beach + coconuts, and I absolutely love it!

Coolors.co: This has been one of my favorite sites this past summer! I use it all the time! It’s a color generator, and it really helps me feel inspired. 

• Signing my new lease for after graduation was by far the biggest highlight of April! I am living in Redwood City, California starting this May. If some of you have been following me for a while now, you may remember that I lived in Redwood City this past summer! I am so excited to be back in one of my very favorite places right after graduation!

• Getting a new car was the second biggest highlight of my month! I got a new car this month- a Prius Hybrid. I am beyond excited as I have been wanting this car for over a year now. It is in California at the moment, but I am very excited about it! My new apartment complex has charging stations, so a Prius Hybrid will be the perfect car for my new adventure.

• My b-day was another high this month! *sings Taylor Swift ’22’*

• The rain! Don’t get me wrong- I love the rain on occasion, especially when I can get all cozy in bed and binge watch Netflix. However, the April showers were annoying at times, especially when I things scheduled all day!

Let me know what your favorites/highs/lows of April were!


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4 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. Love all these! I have been wanting to try the Tarte lipsticks for a while now, I think you have convinced me. Congrats on graduation and happy belated bday! xo

  2. currently i’m still looking for the perfect nude shade so i’ll definitly have to try out the lipstick! Congratulations on graduating, the new apartment, and car – so many big things happening and you deserve it!

    p.s. as an employee of a Toyota dealership i’m glad you chose a Prius 😉

    1. The Tarte lipstick is honestly great! They have such an awesome selection of nudes in the collection! Thank you so much, Lauryn!!

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