A Comparison of Two Wedges







The wedges

When you’re 5’0 tall, wedges become something of an essential in your closet. I have been obsessed with wedges for as long as I can remember. They give you height, make your legs look longer, and are much more comfortable than stilettos. I got these fabulous Tory Burch wedges for my birthday back in April. My mom and sister also picked up a pair as well, and we have all been loving them. Not only are they very comfortable, but they are incredibly versatile However, they aren’t the most affordable pair of wedges out there. I love them for nice events and church, but it’s great to have a cheaper pair of wedges for travel, game days, and nights out with friends. I also get asked frequently on tumblr for a cheaper alternative to my TB Wedges, and I found these cute ones online. I decided to purchase them for myself because they were only $31!

The review

So now let’s get down to the comparison of these two wedges. The Tory Burch wedges are almost ten times the price, but the quality of them is truly top of the line. The dupes are definitely much lower quality, but I still really like them. They are also a little less comfortable than their expensive counterpart, but aren’t bad at all. One difference I noticed from trying them on is that the dupes are much taller. The dupes are almost an entire inch taller than the Tory Burch ones, which you can definitely tell when you walk in them! The two wedges are also made of different materials- the Tory Burch wedges are cork, and the dupes are a more plastic-wood material. The brand for these dupes is called ‘Soda’. I have purchased other shoes from ‘Soda’ before and have been incredibly satisfied with all of them. Yes, they aren’t the best quality, but they are still super cute, and the awesome price is definitely hard to beat! Would I recommend these Tory Burch look-a-like wedges? Definitely! They have a very similar look, and I really enjoy both of them. I can’t wait to pack these dupes in my travel bag for London! They will be perfect for nights out, and I won’t have to worry about scuffing them up or ruining them. These affordable wedges are pretty awesome, and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Tory Burch Daisy Wedges!

Hope y’all are having a great Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “A Comparison of Two Wedges

  1. Hi, Mackenzie! So I knew I read this post last year, and I literally searched ALL over for it and finally found it! I’m dying for a pair of wedges like the Tory Burch dupes, but unfortunately, the Lulu’s pair doesn’t look like it will be restocked. ): Do you know of any other look a likes? Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Lauren! I actually saw a very, very similar dupe on Nordstrom recently. I can not remember the brand name for the like of me though. However, I would also recommend checking Poshmark/eBay for the Tory Burch wedges!

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